Rugged Tablets Enable Accurate Asset Management On and Off Base

Asset management is one of the most crucial needs of the military, and also the one with the most moving parts to keep track of. On and off the base, assets are a critical part of logistics for the military. Assets could include equipment, vehicles, supplies, people, and technology. 

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Rugged Tablets Assist US Navy with Base Logistics

From asset tracking to shipping and logistics on base, the US Navy relies on rugged tablets for network access, communication, and asset tracking. Rugged tablets offer mobility on the base and can be used by multiple team members across different departments to track and monitor various parts of base logistics.

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Military-grade Tablets: The Solution for Air Force Critical Missions

One of the key elements that define a nation’s stability is its national security. Thus, It is essential to enhance the technology utilized by military and government employees to strengthen internal operations, base and field logistics, and security of data.

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The Military Relies on the 3D RealSense Camera to Improve Military Base Efficiency

On any given military base, there are a lot of moving parts to track, inventory and know when to reorder. Shipments coming in, shipments going out, parts for vehicles and aircraft, and food and supplies for military personnel.

Rugged tablets built with the 3D RealSense camera is an important tool for military personnel, both for estimation and collaboration in operations and base logistics.

The RealSense camera produces images in 3D, offering the ability to see the world around the base in 3D. This technology is fundamentally re-shaping the future by equipping devices with the ability to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment.

The DT Research rugged tablet with 3D RealSense camera, presents key innovations in the rugged tablet space and advances that the utilization of the 3D RealSense camera to help in completing inventory of all aspects throughout the base.

Rugged Tablets built with the 3D RealSense camera integration allow military troops to enhance their capability and productivity in logistics operations on the base and in-the-field. Personnel who are responsible for tracking shipments are able to verify the contents of shipments that are coming into and moving out of the bases, showing volume dimensions, distance measuring, length measurements and gesture control. 

The 3D RealSense camera scans objects when they arrive at the base and before they are shipped off the base to ensure accuracy of the delivery and speed up processing time for the containers contents.

Military airlines can also measure cargo automatically utilizing a mobile rugged tablet with the data being processed and made available for personnel in real-time. Other applications include 3D scanning and modeling of assets and facilities.

Machines and gadgets outfitted with 3D cameras or 3D modules can see spatial vision.  As of late, military personnel have been preparing missions and supply conveyances to different bases far and wide to an ever-increasing extent. Utilizing a military-grade rugged tablet with a 3D RealSense camera reduces risk, improves efficiency and communication for military personnel responsible for on-base logistics.

Why Rugged Tablets are the Cyber Technology the Military Can Trust to Ensure the Safety of Soldiers in the Field

Being in the business of building technology that aids our military, the yearly TechNet conference is one DT Research believes is crucial for ensuring that the military, government, and affiliated industries secure trustworthy technology that supports soldiers safety, survival, perseverance, and efficiency.

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