Rugged Tablets for Local Government Infrastructure

The state and local governments have been given the role to provide access to some of the most important services for their citizens. Their responsibilities range from establishing and maintaining public facilities, parks and recreation, community housing,  welfare, public transport, public utilities, and education institutions.

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Revolutionizing Emergency Response with Rugged Tablets

Now more than ever, there’s more pressure on emergency services around the world to speed up response times and improve patient care during transport. Providers of emergency medical services (EMS) are currently seeking creative solutions to maintain a good level of service at a lower cost. There is a need now for emergency responders to be able to send information from the response site to the hospital before arrival. Sending insurance and preliminary treatment information prior to arrival makes check-in and processing much faster. With the influx of patients that responders and hospitals have seen over the last year, being able to communicate in real-time is becoming a need rather than a want in the healthcare industry. 

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