Rugged Tablet and Digital Twin: The New Norm for Engineering and Construction Projects

Digital twins in construction are becoming prevalent in the development and construction phases of a building because they show the project on a dynamic plane. It emphasizes the critical role that digital building information plays throughout a property’s life cycle–  from the planning stages to the later stages of development as a workplace.

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Building for Success with Rugged Tablets

With the ability to remotely modify spreadsheets, handle various projects, monitor inventories, and maintain smooth communication, smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our life. However, the majority of cell phones and tablets are not made to withstand harsh conditions like those on a construction site, with fluctuating weather, a lot of dust, or repeated drops.

Rugged tablets for construction sites were created as a result in order to have unique characteristics, particular strength, and resistance to moisture and environmental factors.

Four reasons rugged tablets for construction are the best solution:

Eliminate Paperwork at Construction Sites

There are several records and drawings that must be created and periodically updated in the building sector. Carrying physical papers, such as blueprints for structures, labor records, or materials, can be exhausting and vulnerable to theft or damage. 

Construction managers and supervisors can digitize all of these documents and drawings using rugged tablets, which improves labor productivity and reducing the probability of losing paperwork or making mistakes that require a total redo of the drawings, rather than making them in real time. Even when working on remote construction sites, the system included in rugged tablets may be accessible by many different departments and team members. This connectivity enables real-time data sharing and access between departments, accelerating the decision-making process.

Durable and Efficient in Extreme Environments

Workers at a building site frequently move from one location to another. As a result, they need technology that is portable and reliable. Lightweight and digitalized rugged tablets can fully automate the building work process.

Everything is digitalized and safely stored on the network, so construction workers who use rugged tablets don’t have to worry about losing their designs and other paperwork documents. Whether carried around a work site, mounted in a vehicle or equipment, or on the office desk, rugged tablets perform in many places and conditions inside and outside.


Constant communication between many teams is crucial in large infrastructure projects, it guarantees correct coordination and command flow. To provide seamless push-to-talk services, rugged tablets are created with sophisticated communication functions.

To ensure effective communication that enhances employees’ morale and increases productivity, many of the rugged tablet models are also built with dedicated PTT buttons that offer a walkie-talkie feature. Rugged tablets are also built with integrated WiFi features for continual connectivity. Inventory can be constantly tracked and orders automatically placed to prevent downtime.


Rugged tablets are a more affordable alternative to desktop computers and the durable case and components are designed to withstand rough handling and all of the environmental conditions that may be encountered in the field. As each task and part of the project is completed and documented, billing can send out invoices and get paid faster enabling better cash flow for required purchases.

DT Research rugged tablets feature high-resolution, sunlight-readable screens and high-definition cameras, that can also be custom-equipped with all the peripherals and software that your team needs for every phase of construction. The investment in rugged tablets provides long-term cost savings in both equipment and maintenance and repair costs. 

From the construction site trailer to where the foundation is being dug, construction rugged laptop computers and tablets came to be mounted directly onto heavy equipment or carried by field personnel, rugged tablets make instant cost-saving decisions.

Construction businesses operate with narrow profit margins and limited room for mistakes or waste. Rugged, sunlight-readable tablet computers can be used to make cost-saving judgments, increase building site efficiency, and transfer information quickly in real time. The rugged tablets and laptops from DT Research are made to make jobsite multitasking simple and effective, even under the most difficult circumstances.  

Reflections of 2022: Thank You, from Us to You!

As this year comes to a close and we reflect back on the last year, it certainly has been full of changes for many industries. With healthcare fully embracing telehealth, the logistics industry investing in advanced technology for process automation and efficiency, and military sectors becoming more invested in technology that meets their needed standards – we realize that everyone is going through some kind of change within their business.

We want to take a moment to say thank you to our partners and customers for continuing to choose DT Research for rugged technology needs. We appreciate you, your trust, and your business.

We are committed to continuing to dedicate our business to yours. As the environment in most industries is ever-changing, we promise to continue to change with you. As your needs grow, we will grow with you.

From continuing to advance the latest technology in the industry which ensure reliability and ruggedness with our products, to listening to customer feedback and making upgrades based on that for future models, our goal is to make the highest quality in rugged technology while also providing the highest quality of service.

  • Thank you to our customers for your trust and for continuing to choose our products and our company as your source for rugged technology.
  • Thank you to our technology partners for continuing to innovate with us as we strive to provide the best solutions for each of our customers.
  • Thank you to our resellers for choosing our products to service your customers, we are grateful for your business.

To each and every one of our partners, resellers, and customers, we know it has been a tough couple of years, but today and every day we want you to know how appreciative we are to work with you.  

For DT Research, toughness isn’t the end game…it is just the starting point; it is the foundation for a purpose that is far-reaching, high achieving, and uniquely defined by organizations.

We know the last two years have been challenging in many ways for businesses across every industry. We appreciate continuing to serve our community through our partnerships. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in DT Research to manufacture hardware that is used across the world providing durable reliable computing for tough and important jobs.

3 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Your Company’s IT Department

IT departments love Rugged Tablets for many reasons; their ease of network connection, enabled communication in real-time, and advanced security features empower IT departments and assist their daily roles and responsibilities making it easier for them to manage devices across a network.

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Top Ten Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Rugged Tablet

Many industries, including oil and gas, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, construction, and emergency services, to mention a few, are using rugged tablets. Rugged tablets are assisting corporations in streamlining communication across teams and departments and improving the efficiency of fieldwork activities.

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