Digital Twin Replicas are Easily Accessible with Rugged Tablets on the Jobsite

The invention of digital twin technology has expanded the architecture, building, and construction industries, advancing their ability to have replicas and renderings easily accessible throughout the project, with the ability to change or update information in real-time for approvals without affecting the original renderings or project timelines.

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Rugged Tablets Improve Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects nationwide are a crucial part of keeping our cities functioning properly with residents and visitors able to travel the roads safely. Infrastructure projects ensure our country’s roads, bridges, power, and energy grids are maintained and kept in good condition. The country’s infrastructure is depended on by millions of people to safely get to work, and travel between places. 

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Rugged Tablets for 3D Modeling and Digital Twin

When you work in the area of architecture or design, mobility is important to be able to work in the field, requiring the ability to update plans outside the office rather than having to wait to go back to the office to make digital updates. When working to create 2D and 3D computer image art, it is important to find a balance between technical limitations and artistic sensibility.

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The New Normal for the Construction Industry and Future Projects

COVID-19 has forever impacted our world and changed the way we do business. The construction industry has been at the forefront of those changes to improve construction projects of the future with new standards that accommodate buildings with additional protection from the spread of viruses, built into the plan from the beginning.

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Rugged Tablets Perform in Extreme Conditions

If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is to be resilient. Resilience comes in many forms mentally, emotionally, and physically. When it comes to the technology a company invests in, its important for industries such as construction, warehousing, manufacturing, law enforcement, medical, and military that they invest in technology that is resilient.

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