Best Mobile Solution for Military Asset Management

The challenge of capabilities and asset management for defense agencies becomes significantly more difficult as equipment becomes more complicated. Rapid deployment and flexibility are now necessary due to the shift in emphasis from a static force to the need for capabilities projection and global operations, which necessitates a new operational paradigm for equipment purchase, management, and ownership.

The military has deemed it necessary to keep track of hundreds of supplies and assets worth millions of dollars, all of which need to be fully operating at all times. The commonly tracked assets in the military, whether the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Military Contractors range from tools, trucks, and computers to important documents and military equipment.

In order to remove task redundancy, save time and money, and improve inventory control, a sophisticated military asset and inventory system must be installed with an even more durable and resilient technology. Rugged tablets offer real-time updating as well as automatic tracking, ensuring that everyone on the team has access to relevant information whenever they need it to make mission-critical choices quickly and accurately.

 Asset monitoring and tracking

Rugged tablets give the military complete control and accountability over all of their military equipment, such as vehicles, essential personnel items, technology devices, repair supplies, and medical supplies from the nobles health care medical supplies at their website in while saving time and money. Rugged tablets use the Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, and GPS technologies to let the military track, monitor, and recover military assets both covertly and overtly from the supply chain through field deployment.

Planning and monitoring deployment

IoT-enabled rugged tablets can track, monitor, and retrieve assets in real-time without the use of GSM networks. In order to secure and monitor armories, track people in the field in real-time, and provide security applications for security-critical facilities, these mobile rugged devices include built-in wireless and sim-free solutions. With a dedicated and secure platform, these rugged tablets coupled with the military’s application may be used to tag goods, monitor on-site assets, and expedite supply chain operations.

 Asset requirements and acquisitions

There are numerous resources that must be monitored by the military. There are expensive items like fleets of automobiles and watercraft, troop equipment, computers, and communications equipment. However, as equipment becomes more complicated and has more moving parts that must be transported from base to field to base, asset management for defense departments also becomes more difficult. This creates problems with asset tracking, warehouse management, shipping/receiving, and inventory control. Rugged tablets offer a solution that integrates everything into one place for better efficiency and supply control.

DT Research’s rugged tablets and handheld rugged tablets are secured tools for tracking military equipment, documents, and vehicles through mobile barcode-scanning technology. These mobile tablets are easy to use and give users the ability to precisely and efficiently handle the most precious military assets. While producing customizable asset reports to assist you in adhering to military standards for asset procurement, storage, upkeep, and disposal.