3 Benefits of Using the 3D RealSense Camera

When 3D technology was introduced to movie theatres and at-home televisions, it changed the game for viewing, but now that 3D technology has been integrated with rugged tablets, it has blown past that entertainment use and changed the game for building, fixing, creating, and constructing. 

With a rugged tablet that has a 3D RealSense Camera, you have the ability to see whats ahead of you with the most cutting-edge and advanced eyes currently in existence. 

Here are the top 3 benefits of having a fully integrated 3D camera: 

Reduces Risk

In the middle of a project, when youre dealing with unknown territory or old infrastructures, so many dangerous and high-risk situations can arise. More often than not, you have a limited idea what youre sending someone into. Having a 3D camera in your hands reduces the risk to in-the-field workers without eliminating the access to important information about the structure youre working on that is needed to properly plan the next step and move forward confidently.

The 3D camera is easily able to go into dangerous or uncertain situations that are extremely unsafe for you or your workers. This is invaluable for utility companies, construction projects, maintenance updates to infrastructure, or any organization that is dealing with fixing problems they cant always safely see.

Rather than sending someone underground or down into a hazardous zone, you can send the 3D camera down and it will gather more useful information than any human eye can. This is done by safely securing the rugged tablet to a pole and sending it down to the area you need to work on. The camera will scope out the situation and map everything it sees in 3D and in real-time. As it does so, it records it on the tablet so by the time you pull it back up, you will be able to see whatever is going on and you can get to work immediately. 

Improves Efficiency 

This technology improves the efficiency and productivity of construction or maintenance projects tremendously. It is able to take and load 3D images and instantaneously load them in real-time into the system used by supervisors in the office and others in the field. This saves immense time, specifically since it eliminates the need for workers to have to physically go back to the office and upload the information received in the field.

You can immediately see whats wrong, what needs to be fixed, or just see the layout of the high-risk area in general and succinctly plan next steps. 

For example, if there is leaking gas or a broken pipe, with the 3D scan you can instantly pinpoint where the gas is leaking from or exactly where the hole/crack is in the pipe. This will allow a swift and efficient fix to the problem, while also maintaining the safety of workers. Once the 3D scan is used to determine that the situation isnt dangerous, then a worker can be sent down to the exact spot that needs attention. Or, if the situation is high-risk, you can figure out the best course that keeps your worker out of harms way. 

Improves Communication

In a lot of cases, the spot where the construction or repairs is needed is substantially far away from where the home branch of the company is located. 

Access to a 3D camera within your rugged tablet improves communication among your team. This is because the second the data is loaded into the tablet, anyone in the office can access the new information in real-time, even while the tablet and the individual using it are still in the field.

This allows both individuals working in the field and those in the office to communicate about the current situation and plan the following necessary steps in real-time without a worker having to come back to the office to draft a plan. All involved can see the information gathered by the 3D mapping technology and provide professional input, reducing the amount of time it takes to communicate about and fix the issue. 

These three benefits of having 3D camera technology in your rugged tablet are invaluable to those in the construction and maintenance industries. It saves your entire team time, effort, and eliminates risk. 

In addition, having a 3D RealSense Camera also helps with BIM and creating a Digital Twin which comes with its own cache of benefits that will change the game for your business. As well, the new camera and scanner (Build Tech) is the next-level for construction, engineering, forensics, archeology, or any industry that requires a quick 3D read on a space. 

The vast applications of 3D camera technology in your rugged tablet is unparalleled. Once in your hands, you will be able to see in and out of every situation you encounter in the field and have access to all the information you need to complete your project safely and swiftly.