Three Lessons Manufacturers Can Take From PalletOnes Adoption of Rugged Tablets

What makes DT Rugged Tablets the top piece of technology for businesses in the manufacturing and construction industries is that they are designed with an endless variety of abilities and applications that will result in real benefits for your business. Just like many other new innovations, on paper, rugged tablets look really good, but its in-action where they really stand out. How the rugged tablets perform in real-time is whats most important for a business that wants to improve efficiency and upgrade organization.

For PalletOne, the claims of our tablets are what intrigued them to give our tablets a try for their team to test out, however, it was the outstanding performance of the tablet and the real benefits it gave to the business that kept PalletOne a happy and returning customer. 

Since adding the DT301T Rugged Tablet to their daily processes and incorporating it into their entire business formula, PalletOne has been able to increase their speed of taking inventory, improve safety audits, and offer more technological support to their employees and their tasks.

Heres what other companies can learn from PalletOnes success with DTs Rugged Tablets: 

Adaptable technology is necessary for a demanding industry.

As with any highly demanding and constantly changing industry, the manufacturing industry is one that never slows down and never stays the same. Any business that not only wants to stay afloat but also wants to consistently grow, even as new challenges and new demands occur, needs a support system that can keep up and allow the business to adapt to changes. In todays world, inefficiency cannot exist within a business and the infrastructure must stay flexible in order to not become slow or outdated. 

Rugged Tablets are the support system technology that construction and manufacturing businesses need to stay in the game and seamlessly change with their respective industries. With a full Windows operating system, extreme durability, and a high-powered processor, companies have everything they need in one portable device to improve efficiency and deal with needs as they arise.

Rugged Tablets are for happier and more productive workers.

For each and every shift, warehouse workers are constantly on-the-go and working tirelessly to do their job as efficiently and accurately as they can. Rugged tablets make this infinitely easier and allow workers to operate at peak productivity without putting the stress of it on their shoulders. 

Due to the durability of the DT Research rugged tablets, they can be mounted on forklifts for barcode scanning, tracking, and logging purposes. This is a tactic that PalletOne implemented and found that it doubled their productivity and efficiency. By using either a USB port or Bluetooth, an external long-range barcode scanner reaching codes that are 12-15 feet away can be used. Rugged tablets also provide extreme reliability for workers in that they will not malfunction in very hot or cold temperatures and they have a long battery life that lasts through all range of shifts. Hot-swappable batteries and charging accessories prevent downtime, a fresh battery can be ready to go when needed and swapped out in real-time with no need to turn off the rugged tablet. 

Operate in real-time or have time wasted. 

For ultimate productivity, the top thing companies in the manufacturing industry need are real-time data on inventory, receiving, safety, and other audits. Without real-time data, the workflow and efficiency of the business are stunted. 

If data is lagging and isnt updating in real-time, you cant trust the current information you have because it may already be outdated, you continue performing tasks with old information, or you have to wait, losing important time, to receive the updated information.

Powerful rugged tablets that upload data in real-time eliminate all of those situations from occurring within your business. Each employee in your warehouse has access to the most current information and therefore, everyone is in-sync and the workflow is harmonious. 

With the adoption of DT Researchs Rugged Tablets, your manufacturing business will be equipped to meet the challenging demands of the industry as well as support your workers and allow them to reach peak productivity.