The Next Step for Defense Health IT: Military-Grade Rugged Tablets

In a dynamic and unpredictable world, the military needs top-tier technology that can be relied upon even in the most high-risk situations. 

That technology is DT Researchs Ultra Rugged Tablets.

Purpose-built tablets that are designed to function in even the harshest climates, rugged tablets are the next step for defense health information technology. They can provide every single member of a military team with in-hand capabilities that no other type of existing military-grade technology currently possesses. 

The most powerful capabilities of rugged tablets that make a huge difference for the military when they are in the field is the integrated RTK positioning and satellite navigation options, powering accurate mapping, scene reconstruction, land surveying, e-construction and BIM (building information modeling). 

How rugged tablets most powerful capabilities aid the military:

Increased safety in the field

Defense health ITs constant and main concern is always the safety of the brave men and women who make up our nations military. DT Researchs rugged tablets were designed with the militarys safety as a top priority as well. When in the field, members of the military usually only have access to what is on their person. Being that they must have the ability to move quickly and be agile at all times, every item on their person is chosen carefully and must serve a distinct and important purpose. Rugged tablets were built with that in mind — weighing in at about 3.6 pounds and extremely easy to hold in your hand, they are very easy to transport, even on high-intensity missions. 

Even though they are compact, rugged tablets are packed with powerful technology that turns these tablets into one of the most important pieces of technology a soldier carries with them. With RTK positioning, the user can clearly assess their position as well as the position of locations around them. It aids them in the direction as well as planning. The more access the military has to accurate information, the safer their members are — and that is what rugged tablets provide. As well, land surveying and BIM can assist the military in seeing what possible dangers exist in front of them and help them make informed decisions on how to proceed. With a Military-Grade Tablet, the military is not blind in the field, they have powerful eyes at their side at all times. 

Inventory management on deployment

Along with safety, the militarys next main concern is supply inventory for its members. Without accurate and up-to-date information on inventory, major issues can arise that negatively affect those in the field. When a troop is deployed, the correct amount and type of inventory must be sent with them for assurance of their health, well-being, survival, and protection. Rugged tablets offer an efficient and easy way of tracking and managing inventory so that no mistakes or human errors are made. With a powerful windows processor within every tablet, inventory managers and deployment supervisors can download apps and management systems right onto the tablet where they can make sure inventory is controlled without a single problem arising. 

Increased efficiency and speed on the job 

While in the middle of a high-risk situation, a mission, or just in the field, members of the military rarely have the luxury of having long amounts of time to make a decision. In a moment of crisis or importance, a swift decision must be made. Rugged tablets aid in that efficiency being that they are able to provide the military with quick and easily accessible information based on whatever situation they are in. The tablets perform the computing for you, whether its satellite navigation, forensic mapping, land-surveying, or BIM, within minutes. As well, any individual in the military that has a connected rugged tablet can access this information and then communicate with those in the field and help them set a plan based on all information in real-time.

In Defense Health IT, there is always room for more efficient ways to support and protect the military, and DT Researchs Rugged Tablets are here to provide the military with highly powerful technology that can go wherever they go and help keep them safe and informed even in the most high-risk situations.