Why Rugged Tablets are the Cyber Technology the Military Can Trust to Ensure the Safety of Soldiers in the Field

Being in the business of building technology that aids our military, the yearly TechNet conference is one DT Research believes is crucial for ensuring that the military, government, and affiliated industries secure trustworthy technology that supports soldiers safety, survival, perseverance, and efficiency.

This year at TechNet Augusta 2019 the focus is cyber electromagnetic activities and unified land operations. More specifically, Combined Arms Maneuver in Cyberspace: Building the Domain Force. With the military experiencing uncertain budgets and almost unlimited technological advances within their field, it is increasingly becoming more difficult for the industry to navigate through all of this new cyber technology that is appearing. The procurement of cyber technology that fits current budgets and meets the critical needs of the military is of chief concern.

DT Research is committed to assuring the military that military-grade tablets are both a cost-efficient and trustworthy solution to the struggles the military is facing with ever-growing cyber technology.

How do the cyber capabilities of rugged tablets improve the militarys safety in the field?

Eliminates the unknown in regards to:


Military operations occur in all different types of terrain with varying topography that easily obstructs the view, poor visibility is a common occurrence for soldiers in the field. The setting of the sun and the arrival of nighttime is another natural catalyst of extremely low visibility that soldiers deal with constantly in the field since most missions are active through multiple days and nights. Having a military-grade tablet on these missions provide critical information on everything that cant be currently seen in front of, behind and in the direct area where military personnel are operating. With tech that operates at full capacity, at all altitudes, and in all conditions, the military can access accurate information about their surroundings and their position relative to other locations even when they cant see it on their own.


Receiving necessary army supplies before and during an operation or critical mission is of extreme importance to the survival, safety, and effectiveness of the troop. When out in the field, it can be difficult to track the chain of supply. With a rugged tablet in-hand, captains can have a direct link to the chain of supply and are able to communicate the need for additional supplies as well as track and pinpoint the location of an upcoming shipment from anywhere in the world. This can be the difference in the success of the mission and survival of soldiers. 

Information and logistics

When soldiers are in the field, they are usually quite a distance away from the base or the home office and without powerful technology, it is near impossible to access or retrieve important information. Rugged tablets provide the military with a whole database of information that can be accessed anytime support in logistics is needed. This way, the military can move forward in on-going operations in the safest way possible and can be confident in the decisions that are made in regards to directional movement, position planning, and the next steps to take.

Reliable communication

For successful operations and the safety of soldiers in the field, reliable communication needs to be accessible at all times. Rugged tablets provide the military with a highly secure and reliable way to share information across all parties and individuals involved in the operation. If there is a piece of crucial information that the troop is unaware of such as a forecast update that could affect their movements, a change in order, or a warning that has been received, the home base can immediately communicate and transfer that possibly life-saving information to the soldiers in the field. With protected communication, any type of information can be transferred without the fear that it is being received by a hostile party. With a rugged tablet, your lines are protected and narrowed to the individuals you choose. 

Wiping feature

The hard, yet honest truth is that unexpected complications and difficult situations arise in the field. Things happen and a rugged tablet can become compromised. It can be taken or in the chaos of a fight, it can be lost. While this is not a situation any soldier intends to occur, it happens and the option to take that stolen/lost tablet off the grid needs to be in place. Each DT Research rugged tablet is embedded with a powerful wipe feature. Any other tablet that is in the field and therefore connected through wi-fi/bluetooth capabilities to the stolen/lost tablet can remotely access that tablet and initiate the wipe feature. This will permanently delete everything off of the compromised tablet, both not allowing access to sensitive information and keeping the safety of the soldiers and the mission secure. 

In a time where technological advances are occurring in every area of the market, it can be difficult to know where to place your trust and which pieces of technology you can rely on. DT Researchs rugged tablets are designed with the militarys safety as a top priority in both the build of the tablet as well as its capabilities. This is the main reason why sectors of the military all over the world have already incorporated military-grade tablets into their operations and why they choose to put their trust in this powerful technology.