Three Ways Rugged Tablets Aid Field Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance engineers are responsible for ensuring that machinery and equipment run smoothly and reliably. They are required to check, repair and service machinery, equipment, systems, and infrastructures. Monitoring and tracking the repairs and maintenance schedules can be a laborious task without the use of innovative technology to improve processes and aid the efficiency of operations.

Rugged tablets for field maintenance and repair support the roles and responsibilities of lead engineers in the field by providing tried and trusted systems that improve and aid the operational flow. Rugged tablets are powered by the 8th generation Intel i5/i7 series processors which enables a speedy processing time for tasks. Our rugged tablets are also supported with more RAM, for tasks that require fast access to computing resources, such as accessing images on the screen.

Three Ways Rugged Tablets Aid Field Maintenance and Repair

  1. Digital Work Orders
    Digital work orders allow field crews to input work orders directly from the field rather than documenting the work order on paper, filing it and bringing it back into the office to input the work order into a computer. This saves time and reduces human error. Allowing field maintenance crews to digitally input a work order directly from the location in the field reduces the use of paper and allows the work order to be processed immediately rather than having a lag time to wait until the field worker is back in the office.

    Human errors are also reduced because the information is logged at the time of need for a work order rather than the potential of losing the paperwork or not being able to remember what information was recorded in the field.

  2. Digital Repair Manuals
    Digital repair manuals make repair information easily accessible reducing paperwork and improving the efficiency of field workers, by allowing them to access manuals, how-to videos and specific troubleshooting needs at the time they need them. Making information readily accessible in the field improves operational flow, field efficiency and speeds up repair time.

  3. Video Communication
    Lead engineers can communicate in real-time via video communication from other locations to troubleshoot issues that may arise in the field. Real-time communication improves the time it takes to resolve issues speeding up the time it takes for a team member in the field to correct problems with repairs.

Rugged tablets are the answer for field maintenance and repair for documentation needs, data input, troubleshooting and solving issues quickly. Rugged tablets improve operations and communication of team members, allowing for information to be received more quickly. Improving efficiency in the field means repairs are done more quickly, more repairs can be added to the schedule in a week, thus reducing downtime of lead engineers as well as important equipment and machinery.

Rugged tablets for field maintenance are the technology that is needed to ensure accuracy and efficient process flow on the job. Repairs go more quickly and reduce human error and paperwork, ensuring that machinery and equipment are repaired and or maintenance is scheduled quickly to remain fully operational.