DT Research Rugged Tablets: The Navys Best Resource On Base and In the Field

The capabilities of rugged tablets to stay abreast of the ever-changing innovation in technology for efficient on and off -base needs of the military provides a unique opportunity for military branches to improve their daily processes and internal communication strategy.

There are many reasons why DT Research, the world’s leading manufacturer of purpose-built computing solutions for vertical markets was chosen by the US Navy as a provider of some of the most innovative technology available today. Equipping deployed personnel who are working in the roles of technical maintenance management, warehouse inventory control, field testing and training, and other field data operations with the most innovative military-grade tablets on the market.

Three Reasons Military-Grade Tablets are the Answer for the Navy 

Workflow and Process Improvement

Efficient supply chain and logistics procedures for the military depends on optimizing and fast-tracking base supplies and real-time communication that empowers precise and timely decisions, where speed and accuracy are crucial. Military personnel have the tools they need to update their teams with information directly from the field or in the warehouse, making information readily available in a timely manner without having to transfer data once back in an office setting.

In addition, having versatile workflow applications dispenses pen-and-paper tasks that workflow innovation automates when using rugged tablets. These incorporate paperless manifests and navigation, loaded cargo verification via scanning, off the truck scanning validation, electronic agreements and signature capture, and automated logs. Having these capabilities built directly into the tablet speeds up the time it takes to manage new shipments as they come into the warehouse, improves fleet management and repair requests and keeps a digital record of all signed paperwork directly within the network. 

Strengthen Data Integrity

DT Research furnishes military-grade tablets manufactured with durability and built-in systems that meet the specifications such as the MIL-STD 810G and 461F for vibration and shock resistance, applications and security needs that are vital to military operations and their success.

The built-in features of ruggedized tablets include the ability to lock down the tablet protecting it against malicious users and potential threats, hardware security options also include instant blackout, as well as automatic Bluetooth, RFID and WiFi disable functions that can be pre-configured to turn off all radio capabilities under certain conditions. Military-grade tablets can also be remotely shut down should a situation arise where the rugged tablet is lost in the field. The advanced security features built into the tablet allow it to only run trusted applications and are manufactured with fully integrated, encrypted smart card/CAC readers for multiple level security control.

Portability and Mobility

DT Research rugged tablets are lightweight, ruggedized, and are intended to be both a touchscreen and keyboard computer able to withstand dust, residue, and rough terrain. Military-grade tablets have been built to withstand the elements, with the latest shock-absorbing technology integrated into the tablet.  They have also been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they will endure all sorts of ruggedness such as being dropped, muddy terrain and extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

Rugged tablets are key to fast, reliable and efficient processes and information networks that are fundamental for todays exceptionally mobile and dynamic naval activities.