Medical Tablets Aid Senior Community Healthcare Workers

While mobile devices have been in use for decades, few could have foreseen how prolific the advancements in mobile technology would be, especially over the past ten years. Few have escaped the impact of mobile technology, including the senior community healthcare industry.

Although, the healthcare industry was slow to jump on the bandwagon and truly adopt the technology with reasons varying from security issues, privacy of patient information and data (regulations such as HIPAA) issues, and integration with backend systems, healthcare management facilities and institutions have now embraced the use of tablets.

COVID testing and vaccine distribution tracking

With the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, the healthcare industry has shifted into gear in administering the vaccine using technologies and systems which play an important role. Among them are the use of medical tablets in the supply and distribution of the vaccine, data collection, and recording of patients information as to who receives the vaccine and how many doses.

Telehealth and telemedicine

Medical tablets have become very popular with telehealth due to their mobility.  Healthcare workers use medical tablets to schedule patient checkups in both outpatient and inpatient wards, issue and authorize prescriptions, record and transmit patient data in multimedia formats and use instant live audio and video conferencing and chat features to enhance collaboration.

Medical tablets are also equipped with a smart card/CAC reader which offers secure and convenient access to patients health care records (HIPAA compliant) immediately determining clearance access. Optional RFID reader and barcode scanner provide instant data capture from patient ID cards and bracelets, medicines, supplies, and asset equipment tags. With medical tablets, it has improved care coordination and management, speeds up treatment, and allows for elderly patients who rely on stair lifts in Canada to get checked even without going to the doctors office physically. Medical tablets also assist with tracking and dispensing medicines while they are at a facility, monitoring the time of delivery, and all records are kept secure and instantly updated.

Having entered an era of technological advancement where mobile-based solutions can now be custom-built to fit the specific needs of any industry sector, there is an enormous opportunity to embrace the full range of capabilities of medical tablets and the senior living industry is no exception.