Rugged Tablets for Improved Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse management aims to ensure that all the products on the floor will have less interruptions and errors with more efficiency for teams working the floor. With this, constant adaptation to advanced technology is sought by companies to improve productivity and role efficiency. Rugged tablets are one of the advanced technologies being used by several warehouses to be efficient in their operations.

The Trends for 2021

2021 is a year where many companies are recognizing the need to invest in advanced technology to stay competitive in the market. Rugged tablets are designed to be durable enough to handle extreme conditions in any environment, yet flexible enough to be transferred from floor to office to vehicle. Rugged Tablets are built with the 3D RealSense camera, RFID reader, and barcode scanner helping the user to be more efficient and accurate in their scope of work. The 3D RealSense camera decreases errors of a manual load of work, by taking accurate and precise details of products coming in and going out  and logging them into the tablet. This improves the accuracy to prove exact details of products as well as minimizes the risk of the wrong item or product number being entered.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Rugged tablets are designed to handle complex data collection. It helps to have an efficient continuous tracking of products in the warehouse. Receiving and storing packages in a conventional way can cause a lot of trouble to warehouse management. There could be damage and loss in the process. Rugged tablets with integrated 3D RealSense Camera are very useful in this process. Upon receipt of products, pictures can be taken and uploaded in real-time to determine if the items have damage or match the volume in the packing list. If the items have no issues, they will then be distributed to their proper location. 3D cameras also capture the exact dimensions needed to pack without wasting valuable space and shipping costs.

Data collected can be easily entered and accessed by workers in real-time with reliable integrated RFID readers and barcode scanners,  adding accuracy in the process. UHF RFID readers allow for a longer range of tag reading for more efficient data access. This helps to ensure that the items being prepared and shipped are the right item.

Rugged tablets ensure that each item is being loaded to the right transport dock and helps the receiver track each package. They allow warehouse personnel and customers to know the status of the package during every process and step of the way. Rugged tablets enhance the delivery measures by ensuring that each step is completed accurately and seamlessly. Rugged tablets help save time on the workers tasks making them more productive and efficient in their role.

Rugged tablets can streamline every process in warehouse logistics. The capabilities of real-time data collection, updates, and tracking measures have made a great contribution to the increase in productivity and efficiency of warehousing companies and their staff.