Medical-Cart Computers Eliminate Downtime and Improve Productivity

Medical-cart computers are the perfect solution for hospitals, emergency rooms, and medical facilities for eliminating downtime due to technology in the middle of a shift. Medical teams lose hundreds of hours per year due to lost productivity when computers need to be charged in the middle of a working shift. 

Medical-cart computers and tablets are used for mobility throughout healthcare facilities to improve the patient experience. However, when a medical-cart computer runs out of battery it halts the entire shift. Medical-cart computers from DT Research are manufactured with hot-swappable batteries to avoid downtime and lost productivity on shifts.

Medical-cart computers with hot-swappable batteries eliminate the need for expensive, heavy cart batteries,  so the cart can easily be moved from patient room to patient room. When days are busy in healthcare facilities and shifts are long, healthcare teams need technology they can depend on. Medical-cart computers with hot-swappable batteries are a technology that medical teams can depend on to improve the patient experience while also improving productivity. 

Reduced Downtime

Hot-swappable batteries reduce downtime on shifts. Medical-cart computers with hot-swappable batteries mean little downtime during shifts, when a medical-cart computer’s battery is low the battery can be replaced without losing power to the computer for approximately thirty minutes. This improves productivity and reduces downtime for employees, allowing them to stay focused on what matters most, serving the patient. 

Multiple Battery Chargers

Medical-cart computers from DT Research are complemented by many battery charging accessories, such as multi-battery chargers that charge up to six batteries at once, depending on which charging port is selected. For extremely busy facilities, having up to six batteries charged at all times and ready to be swapped, ensures medical-cart computers are fully operational during the entire length of shifts. Having multiple batteries charging at once, means healthcare professionals don’t have to set aside a cart computer system during a busy shift to charge.


Medical-cart computers are all-in-one, meaning the computer and display are integrated and other data capture is also built-in, such as touch screen, camera, and smart card reader. . Additional monitors can also be connected to the AIO system for expanded screen space needs. All-in-one medical-cart computers are lightweight enough to be pushed from one room to the next, with integrated CAC readers for additional security and antimicrobial enclosures to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Medical-cart computers with hot-swappable batteries from DT Research aid medical teams in ensuring they are at maximum productivity and efficiency with little to no downtime during busy shifts. Medical all-in-ones are equipped with built-in WLAN and Bluetooth, ideal for managing patient information from anywhere in the facility.