All-in-One Medical Cart Computers Assist Healthcare Facilities in the Fight Against Germs

The last two years have made an impact on how the medical community manages germs in a healthcare facility. Proper cleaning and handwashing by staff have always been important, however with the onset of new viruses and bacteria that spreads at a higher rate than before, healthcare facilities globally have turned to medical cart computers to reduce the spread of germs.

Medical Cart Computers are portable computing systems that can easily be taken from room to room to enhance patient care and treatment. Over the last two years, medical cart computers have become in high demand as they are built to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

2 Ways Medical Cart Computers Reduce the Spread of Bacteria:

Antimicrobial Enclosures

All-in-one medical cart computers are designed and manufactured with antimicrobial enclosures and casings that reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Antimicrobial enclosures kill bacteria as it comes in contact with the surface of the medical cart computer on contact. As healthcare professionals take the cart from room to room, sometimes in busy environments such as ICU’s, there may not be time to clean the computer between uses inpatient rooms, thus the antimicrobial enclosure is an important asset to hospital staff in reducing the spread of germs while continuously providing top-notch patient care.

Fanless Computer

All-in-one medical cart computers are fanless. This is important in healthcare environments because the use of a fan at the back of the computer can spread germs and bacteria around the room as it works to cool off the computer. Medical cart computers are designed and manufactured with a built-in cooling device that doesn’t require a fan to cool the machine, thus reducing the circulation of particles in a hospital room, limiting the spread of bacteria and germs during patient care.

Other standout features of medical cart computers that set them apart from regular computers include:

Dual HDMI Video Out Ports – this is an important feature because as other machines may be needed during patient care, they can be hooked up to the medical cart computer allowing patient monitoring from multiple devices.

Up to 4K UHD Resolution for clear images – Medical professionals including x-ray technicians, doctors, and respiratory therapists need clear images of patients’ test results to properly diagnose and treat patient ailments. 4K UHD resolution provides high-quality images that can be used to identify spots on an x-ray, clear CT scans, or other diagnostic tests done by imaging services that need to be viewed in order to treat infectious diseases or emergency situations such as a broken bone.

Front camera – A camera on the front of some models of the all-in-one medical cart computer can be crucial for some telehealth treatments. This allows nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to effectively treat their patients virtually, being able to clearly see their wounds, problem areas, or infections to best treat and provide optimal patient care services from a distance.

All-in-one medical cart computers can be fully battery-powered with integrated hot-swappable batteries which eliminate the need for downtime to charge during busy times. This feature allows staff to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and patient care by reducing downtime on shifts to focus more on their patients, and extra batteries can be kept charged in separate chargers ready to swap out at any point.

All-in-one medical cart computers are the number one choice for reducing bacteria and the spread of germs in a healthcare setting.