Rugged Tablets Enable Predictive Maintenance for Renewable Energy Solutions

As renewable energy solutions increase in demand, providers are searching for ways to extend the life of their equipment, improve internal operations, and improve margins. Predictive maintenance strategies are key to prolonging the life of wind turbines, solar panels, and other equipment and, therefore, driving down future operational costs and enhancing sustainability.

Predictive maintenance is a way of monitoring the performance of equipment and the equipment’s condition during regular operations to ensure it stays in good condition and to reduce the chances of it breaking down. Downtime of pertinent equipment such as wind turbines or solar panels can cost a company time, money, and future clients. 

Rugged tablets enable companies can improve their ability to monitor wind turbines, solar panels, and other equipment needed to keep everything functioning at optimal levels. Rugged tablets record and track data in real-time to allow team members to log in at any time, from anywhere and pull reports on how the equipment is performing, review past maintenance records, and predict potential issues in the future so they can be repaired or fixed prior to breaking down. 

Rugged tablets for predictive maintenance of renewable energy solutions offer advanced monitoring to transform the economics of life extension on the equipment and deliver years of extra asset value. Thus reducing construction costs and requiring less frequent replacements of carbon-intensive components which ultimately reduces demand for rare earth materials.

Rugged tablets are also capable of alerting technicians, and teams to when a part may be experiencing some trouble, or showing reports that may lie outside of the normal ranges to predict if a part needs to be replaced prior to it failing.  Advanced sensing tools can be connected to rugged tablets to avoid component failures and asset downtime. 

Rugged tablets track data over time and also log inventory of parts and equipment; when one part is getting low in inventory an automated order can be placed to ensure inventory never runs out. 

Significant benefits are gained from reducing waste through digitalization during the whole lifecycle of a renewable energy fleet. Rugged tablets for predictive maintenance significantly enhance the environmental impact by being savvier with maintenance operations to ensure more responsible use of materials.

Rugged tablets are built to withstand harsh conditions, extreme temperatures, and are durable enough to be taken into the field for use during repairs. Rugged tablets have an optional integrated camera that allows maintenance teams to communicate while repairs are being conducted in the field to troubleshoot with another team member in the office, review online manuals, create repair training videos, or order parts directly from the location site. 

Rugged tablets improve internal operations, extend the life of equipment, and improve profit margins for renewable energy fleets by allowing teams to enhance their predictive maintenance abilities, keeping the equipment running optimally with little to no downtime.