Rugged Tablets for Wildland and Urban Wildland Fires

Wildfires are more frequently in the news, and their effects on local communities, the environment, and firefighters are more pronounced than ever.

Humans are the largest contributing factor to wildfire ignitions, causing around 87 percent of all wildfires nationally every year. Most of these fires can be prevented. Preventable wildfires threaten lives, property, and our precious natural resources.

Navigation to Forest Fires

Typically, satellites that are orbiting the earth gather data about forest fires and relay it to the fire chiefs of the relevant forest departments. These are typically PoIs (Points of Interest), which offer remarkably accurate locations where forest fires can be spotted through the study of satellite photos.

As soon as any forest department receives these fire points, the officials there are forced to work quickly to put out the fire.

There are tools that can assist professionals in mitigating the risk of damage from wildland fire. One of them is a rugged tablet with a GNSS/GPS application. A robust tablet with GNSS/GPS functionality is one of them.

The navigation to the forest fire is supplied using GPS tracking by using the GPS positions of the forest fire points and the area designated for each forest ranger or officer.

The firefighter can get to the area using GPS tracking navigation so that the forest fire may first be confined and stopped from spreading before being extinguished. Without GPS tracking, it would be impossible to locate and navigate to the Forest Fire since calls or any other technology wouldn’t be able to locate the fire.

Rugged Tablets Assist Firefighters with the Following Tasks

Optimal Route Planning

For the fires that happen in cities and towns, it is a race against time to reach the right place with the right equipment. Forecasting the best route to get to the fire and the best approach to putting out the fire is possible using GPS tracking systems installed on rugged tablets for firefighters. The integrated GNSS capabilities of the rugged tablet allow firefighters to see all possible routes, as well as assist with planning which route has the easiest access and is the fastest. 

Fire Fighting Planning

Control centers can more easily plan how the fire can be put out when the firefighters and firefighting vehicles arrive on the scene by using a rugged tablet. Rugged tablets for firefighters are equipped with GPS trackers that update in real-time so they can see on the map how many firefighters and engines are at the site, if additional ones are needed and the best plan of attack from all sides to quickly extinguish the fire.

 Monitoring Development

The control center can readily measure and monitor the operation’s progress to put out the fire by using GPS tracking devices to track assets used in fire fighting, fire engines, and firefighters. The effectiveness of firefighting is increased by GPS tracking, which also offers real-time, accurate data from the actual area of operations and gives other emergency departments a clear knowledge of the developing situation so they may be called upon to help when needed. This improves decision-making capabilities among departments and allows the control center and firefighters in the field to communicate with situational awareness. 

Team Tracking

By providing each firefighter with a GPS tracker in the rugged tablets they use in the field, the team’s location can be tracked and planning is simplified, should conditions become dangerous or the fire becomes out of control the lives of the firefighters may be at stake. With rugged tablets with integrated GNSS capabilities, the team’s accurate location can be tracked with reliable updates in real-time, route diversions for other traffic can be determined, and better route design results in greater operational efficiency.

Firefighting operations that include a GPS tracking system as part of the system increase efficiency on the ground. In order for fire teams to successfully fight fires and save lives as well as property and valuable natural resources, the appropriate software and technology must be used. Rugged tablets from DT Research, are an essential part of planning and communication in emergency scenarios.

Rugged tablets are built to withstand extremely hot conditions, and therefore can also be used in the field. They are built with durability and reliability for challenging situations and will continue operating under pressure or in high-intensity situations.