Rugged Tablets Improve Asset Tracking Capabilities for the Military

Ensuring all assets are accounted for on a military base is a crucial component of military logistics, one slight delay or running out of inventory can cause significant issues while in the field. Logistics teams need to accurately assess, manage, and forecast for inventory reorders. 

There are many moving parts to manage including vehicle maintenance and repairs, supplies, and food, tools, and equipment to name a few. One of the most important parts of inventory management is accuracy; outdated techniques for managing inventory increase the risk of human error, lost items, or damaged papers during transport. 

Technology today can be used to simplify this process and ensure accuracy with inventory management, data storage, and record keeping. Rugged tablets assist logistics teams in the following ways and are a more effective and efficient way to track inventory and other logistics efforts. 

Four Ways Rugged Tablets Improve Asset Tracking for the Military

Reducing Time

One of the main benefits of using rugged tablets for asset tracking is that it reduces the time invested in logging data. Rugged tablets automatically track inventory items within the system as one is logged out or logged in, the system is updated to show where that piece of inventory is, who the last person was to interact with it, and when a specific item is running low with a forecast of when it will run out. Automatic orders can also be placed when an item is running below a specific number. Thus reducing the number of man-hours that needs to go into tracking assets.

Increasing Speed

Rugged tablets are equipped with integrated tools such as RFID readers and barcode scanners which improves the speed at which items can be scanned into or scanned out of the system. With long-range RFID, items can also be scanned in bulk and from the ground when they are on a top shelf of a warehouse, improving the speed of logging inventory and reducing the labor needed from the team. This increases the efficiency of the team while freeing up time to dedicate team members to other responsibilities. 

Matching RFID to Business Process

RFID tags and scans can be matched to business processes enabling visibility on assets, identifying trends, and reducing inventory time by 99.9% in many cases. Using specifically tested RFID tags to tag each piece of inventory ensures that assets are tracked all throughout the process from leaving the warehouse, to shipping, to arriving on the base and being assigned for a specific need. The entire process is supported through automatic measures to ensure up-to-date inventory records. 

Improve Production Cycle Tracking & Yard Management

Tracking the production cycle of assets is another key element to efficient asset and inventory management, gaining visibility on the entire process from raw materials to completed product. Rugged tablets allow for multiple teams and departments to have eyes on the products throughout the entire process to ensure optimal delivery, track delays during shipping, and also reducing lost items. Furthermore, rugged tablets efficiently track vehicles, personnel, and shipments for improved yard management logistics. 

Rugged tablets are a crucial piece of technology for the military to assist with inventory management and asset tracking. Improving the process to ensure accuracy, improve speed, and increasing efficiency through matching RFID tags to specific business processes.