Scanning Solutions to Avoid Labeling and Asset Management Errors

From shipping and logistics to warehouse floors, capturing data accurately and efficiently is a crucial part of managing assets. Knowing where a product is on the floor at all times to avoid mislabeling or missing items, means having boxes properly stored in the warehouse or items properly documented before, during, and upon arriving at a shipment dock. These needs require scanning solutions that accurately collect data, record it into a system and store it for internal use at any time a team member needs to receive the information.

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Rugged Tablets Provide Technological Assistance for Current Changes in Manufacturing

Manufacturing logistics are embracing technology like never before; what would have taken years to implement is now taking months due to the rapid changes caused by COVID-19. Companies are embracing automation, new software, AI, and 3D technology for scanning products and packages. Rugged tablets for the manufacturing industry are helping aid these rapid changes, helping teams improve internal operation efficiencies and communication.

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The Future of Manufacturing in the New Normal How Technology Investments Will Help Companies Survive

The manufacturing industry has been forever changed with the challenges faced in 2020 and no reprieve in sight soon, which is not necessarily a bad thing. With the onset of COVID-19 the manufacturing industry has been forced to review internal processes, embrace technology and improve training for staff. Along with the challenges have come changes that will forever enhance and improve manufacturing as we know it.

As we prepare for 2021, manufacturing companies continue to plan for their needs to adopt to this new way of business. Technology enables manufacturing companies to keep up with the demand and the constant changes, by improving real-time communication with employees, improved tracking, and simplifying daily operations.

Rugged tablets built for manufacturing are leading the way as an innovation in technology that makes a big impact on the bottom-line. Rugged tablets are built for demanding environments with durability that stands up to vibrations, extreme weather climates, and dusty or dirty conditions. Rugged tablets for manufacturing also improve internal process flow with real-time communication and enhanced inventory tracking.

Real-time Communication

No longer do teams in varying divisions need to wait for a report to be filed, paperwork to cross their desk, or another team member to create a report. When departments and employees are equipped with rugged tablets, the information entered into the tablet is documented and updated in real-time allowing for other team members to have access to it immediately.

In the past, work has been slowed down while employees wait on another team member to file a report, upload a document to the computer system or analyze inventory. The wait is now over, rugged tablets for manufacturing improve communication among the various divisions.

A person on the floor can utilize a rugged tablet on the floor to submit their daily report or update inventory of a specific issue, once the data is entered, a team member from shipping can access the information and begin scheduling the shipment. Thus, improving internal efficiency.

RFID Scanning

Products need to quickly be scanned and moved along the production line or into quality control. RFID and barcode scanning directly from a rugged handheld tablet is easily added to the system and moved along to the next phase without delay.

Products are tracked throughout the process each time they are scanned, a log of each scan is automatically kept in the system so anyone from the team with network access can view where it is in the process, length of time until completion, and when it is ready to ship.

Scanning of barcodes can be done from a wide range so if the product has already been stored, the tag on the outside of the box can be scanned from up to 1,000 feet away thus reducing employee time to move the product prior to scanning.

Built for the Environment

The technology used on manufacturing floors must be built with the harsh environment in mind. Normal tablets could not withstand the vibration and dusty environment of manufacturing; however, DT Research rugged handheld tablets are built with durability at the forefront of the design. We design our tablets to be rugged for many environments, they meet the certifications and qualifications to last even in the toughest of environments. Rated IP65 and MIL-STD 810G these certifications guarantee a level of durability for environmental stresses during the lifetime of technology equipment.

Rugged tablets for manufacturing are paving the way for the future of simplifying manufacturing processes, improving tracking capabilities, and enhancing real-time communication among team members. As we move into 2021, an investment into upgrading technology on the manufacturing floor will ensure a competitive advantage for companies working in this new normal.