Rugged Tablets Assist US Navy with Base Logistics

From asset tracking to shipping and logistics on base, the US Navy relies on rugged tablets for network access, communication, and asset tracking. Rugged tablets offer mobility on the base and can be used by multiple team members across different departments to track and monitor various parts of base logistics.

From tracking assets like military vehicles and ships to supplies on and off the base, to field operations, military-grade tablets offer advanced security features, reliability, and durability no matter the conditions.

Rugged Tablets Offer the Navy the Following Benefits


Military-grade tablets offer multiple departments within the US Navy mobility to move freely around the base utilizing the same tablet, or in-field operations. Fleet maintenance teams can utilize tablets while repairing and maintaining carriers to review manuals, update and track the progress of repairs, and communicate with other departments in real time. Everyone on the network can view the status of the repairs and when a vehicle or ship is expected to be operable in real-time as details are logged in the system.

This assists teams with forecasts for field operations and other logistics needs on the base, improving efficiency and communication between departments.

Advanced Security Features

Each rugged tablet is equipped with an integrated CAC reader that requires authorized credentials in order to be able to log in to the network. Access to information on the network can only be achieved if a person has the appropriate credentials to access that information. Other advanced security measures are offered through  Windows IoT, a night vision screen, and secure walkie-talkie communication capability.

Accurate Tracking

Military-grade tablets offer seamless information capture and transmission for improved workflow. Information can be obtained through scanning information with the integrated barcode or RFID reader, input directly through a digital pen, recorded from a drone, or captured by the 3D RealSense camera – all providing accurate data collection which is then stored on the network and made available to all credentialed members in real-time.

Rugged tablets for the Navy are rated IP65 and MIL-STD-81OG for reliable operation in harsh environments. Durable for environments where drops, spills, or extreme vibration may occur. Also manufactured with durability for dusty and demanding environments.