Remote Site Investigations with Drones and Rugged Tablets

Drones seem to be everywhere these days as more individuals and businesses are starting to embrace this remote technology. A drone or unmanned aircraft is any aircraft that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft. Drones come in many dierent sizes and shapes and are designed to primarily collect data to meet a multitude of dierent tasks and applications.

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Durable and Reliable Rugged Tablets are the Game Changer for Crime Scene Investigations

For many years crime scene investigations have relied on accurate reporting from the location to ensure a crime scene reconstructionist and law enforcement can digitally redesign the scene. the accuracy of the documentation, images, and reports collected from the scene is of high importance in order to be able to tell what happened at the scene and must be collected in a way that it can stand up in court as proof of what took place at the scene. 

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DT Research Rugged Tablets: The Revolutionary Forensic Tool

Crime scene investigators are responsible for keeping up with the rapid pace of technological development and advancements in their field. Investigators at the scene need the ability to retrieve and recover data instantly, without the delay of going through dispatch or the need to go back to the office. Crime scene investigation work requires efficiency and effectiveness in their daily routines because situations are rapidly changing and can be potentially dangerous while at a crime or crash scene.

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Rugged Tablets for Crash Scene Reconstruction

Image courtesy of DotProduct LLC

Crash scene investigators rely on the accuracy of information from the incident to reconstruct the scene once the debris from the site has been cleaned up. First responders rely on cleaning up the scene with speed in order to restore traffic flow and avoid another accident. There are many details that need to be collected from the location of an accident including pictures, documentation from witnesses, and measurements of the details from the scene.

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