Rugged Tablets for Public Safety and Forensics

Rugged tablets are assisting with the swift and safe management of crash scene investigations, allowing law enforcement and first responders on scene to accurately map and record the site before rapidly clearing to restore normal traffic flow.

These tablets are designed to be used solo, or in conjunction with drones, providing the ability to immediately clear crash scenes after mapping, and helping to safeguard the lives of both those responsible for investigating and any passersby.

The high risks associated with working a crash site must be carefully balanced with the need for highly accurate documentation. In many cases, the site of a crash is also a crime scene, or at the least a scene which must be investigated to bring resolution.  Documentation must be thorough and accurate and recorded in such a way as to provide records suitable for presentation in court if required. 

Rugged tablets help crash sites to be cleared with less risk to cleanup crews, an improved working environment and speedier conclusion for critical emergency management personnel, a level of accuracy that keeps any potential investigation from being compromised. 

Instead of more lives being risked during a long and drawn out information gathering process at the scene using traditional methods of image capture, a rugged tablet can swiftly record the entire scene with incredible detail, allowing crash site reconstruction after the fact and helping minimize risk to emergency workers and onlookers alike.

When a rugged tablet with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) system is utilized with drone capability for a bird’s eye view, the result is faster, more effective crash scene clearing. At the same time, all of the vital evidence required for a potential civil or criminal court proceeding is gathered with 1-2 centimeter accuracy and 3-D detail, at amazing speed.

Data recorded in this fashion can then be safely and securely transmitted on demand to third parties such as analysts, medical professionals, insurance carriers, law enforcement personnel, and lawyers. They can rebuild the scene and determine fault, if any, allowing further action to be taken if there is outside culpability or the case to be successfully closed.  

The case for rugged tablets for crash site clearing, crime scene investigation, and forensic information gathering continues to expand, as law enforcement and first responders find new scenarios in which to test this technology and work safer and smarter in the field.