The New Normal for the Construction Industry and Future Projects

COVID-19 has forever impacted our world and changed the way we do business. The construction industry has been at the forefront of those changes to improve construction projects of the future with new standards that accommodate buildings with additional protection from the spread of viruses, built into the plan from the beginning.

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2021 Goals to Utilize Rugged Tablets

Weve reached 2021, and while many aspects of daily life have slowed, technology needs are still increasing. With employers and staff shifting gears in work environments, connections need to be stronger than ever. From durable medical tablets to rugged technology for the military, theres seemingly no limit to what our products at DT Research can do. Here are just a few ways to utilize your own rugged tablet in the new year!

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Rugged Tablet Security Features

Security on devices used by government officials, military and private companies who work with branches within the government is a top priority. Security is a topic that continues to expand in conversations globally as threats to systems, processes and procedures remain at risk. As a manufacturer of rugged tablets for both government and military branches, we pride ourselves on added security built into our rugged tablets to protect the information within the network as well as additional security measures within secure buildings so users are authenticated prior to entering a facility.

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Common Access Card Readers Provide Enhanced Safety Features for Rugged Tablets

The DT301T is the perfect rugged tablet for military personnel, government employees and eligible contractor personnel. This tablet is a military-grade tablet that is complete with a built-in common access card (CAC) and other useful features. This tablet is perfect for military government departments and other places that require high security such as restricted information or corporations that require authentication to access networks.

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Fire and Rescue: Its Fire Season in California

Fire and rescue personnel work hard, and they need a rugged tablet that works as hard as they do. A purpose-built tablet that can withstand extreme temperatures. The job calls for rugged tablets that are lightweight, easy to carry, durable and long-lasting. When fire season begins, fire and rescue teams work overtime to keep our community safe. They need technology that can keep up with the rapid pace in while keeping them safe on the job as well. Rugged tablets built for fire and rescue teams have many benefits both on the job and for prevention measures.

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