Medical-grade Tablets Prevent the Spread of Infection with Flexibility and Mobility

Healthcare professionals need the flexibility to care for patients in different environments in order to effectively adapt to todays evolving COVID circumstances, said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. With this understanding in mind, we created a line of medical-grade tablets designed for ultimate mobility, durability, safety, and reliability.

Medical-grade tablets are a unique 2-in-1 design that offers flexibility and mobility for healthcare professionals to use the device as either a handheld portable or as part of a mobile cart solution. The tablets are UL60601-1 certified to ensure standard safety, IP65 rated, and available with a 6-inch (362MD), 10.1-inch (301MD), or 13.3-inch (313MD) brilliant capacitive touchscreen display.

Medical-grade tablets are specifically designed and manufactured for healthcare professionals, built for performance in healthcare environments. They withstand harsh environments including dust, shock, vibration, or the potential for spills, and have a reduced need for maintenance the way regular tablets do.

Built for Mobility
Medical-grade tablets simplify the gathering and transfer of information with an integrated NFC/RFID and a 2D scanner – making it ideal for field medical test check-in or ID bracelet verification prior to dispensing medicine and many other uses in highly mobile or limited space environments. Medical tablets are compact and lightweight, easy to move around the room, or from room to room for treatment.

Built to Improve Telemedicine
Medical-grade tablets are manufactured with built-in front and back-end cameras which enhance telehealth practices, allowing healthcare professionals to safely treat patients. Professionals can choose between a 10.1 inch or 13.3-inch screen with an integrated capacitive touchscreen. This makes it easier for images and videos to be seen on the tablet when treating patients through telemedicine. Each tablet is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, making it the perfect choice for field medicine or telemedicine in remote locations, mobile health clinics, or public health surveying.

Prevents the Spread of Infection
The 362MD, 301MD, and 313MD tablets have antimicrobial enclosures to control infection and the spread of bacteria. The 301MD and 313MD tablets also come with an optional antimicrobial docking keyboard that instantly pairs with the tablet to enable 2-in-1 tablet/laptop use. Both the antimicrobial dock and the tablets enclosure reduces the spread of infection and bacteria as healthcare staff move from one patient to the next or handoff the tablet to the next shift.

Continuous operation is extremely important in medical environments which is why we designed the tablets to have hot-swappable batteries to eliminate downtime. Hot-swappable batteries can be exchanged in real-time without losing critical information or having to reboot the machine.

This flexible tablet can be mounted on a mobile medical cart, docked on a desktop, or used as a standalone handheld medical tablet, making these medical tablets an effective tool to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information in a range of environments.