Rugged Tablet: Ideal tool for Transportation and Logistics Companies

Rugged tablets are in high demand in a variety of businesses around the world. The flexibility and efficiency that rugged tablets have brought to simplifying business operations is credited for its adoption. Rugged tablets are built to provide high performance, durability, harsh environment adaptation, mobility, and real-time data access.

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Manage Manufacturing Shortages and Inventory Accuracy using Rugged Tablets

Supply chain managers are constantly hammered by distractions. They get stuck monitoring on-time deliveries, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and impending shortages. Although there are initiatives from supply chain managers in implementing processes to reduce shortages, save costs, and smooth operations, they are often left feeling frustrated by the challenges of dealing with material shortages, especially over the last year.

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5 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Warehouse Logistics

In March of 2020 warehousing logistics and manufacturing was forever changed. As the world began to shut down, online purchases went up. Business as usual began to change and shift to accommodate new measures and new ways of doing business. Shipping logistics began to become overwhelmed as millions of people across the world looked to items being delivered rather than picked up in stores, and with storefronts closed, warehousing logistics had to accommodate overload because products werent being moved the way they always had.

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Rugged Tablets for Improved Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse management aims to ensure that all the products on the floor will have less interruptions and errors with more efficiency for teams working the floor. With this, constant adaptation to advanced technology is sought by companies to improve productivity and role efficiency. Rugged tablets are one of the advanced technologies being used by several warehouses to be efficient in their operations.

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2021 Goals to Utilize Rugged Tablets

Weve reached 2021, and while many aspects of daily life have slowed, technology needs are still increasing. With employers and staff shifting gears in work environments, connections need to be stronger than ever. From durable medical tablets to rugged technology for the military, theres seemingly no limit to what our products at DT Research can do. Here are just a few ways to utilize your own rugged tablet in the new year!

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