Using Drones and Rugged Tablets to Investigate Accidents in Remote Locations

Tablets have proven to be a viable resource when it comes to accident investigation. With image rendering technology becoming faster, smoother, and more in-depth, its easier to examine locations from afar. Innovations such as drones and more secure, satellite-based connections enable responders and officials to navigate difficult terrain and high-risk areas safely. Here are a few ways in which drones and tablets are making a difference in these investigations.

Drones for Investigating at a Distance

Drones have emerged as a leading application for unmanned investigation systems. In one test, the drones covered over 70 acres of rugged terrain successfully. An aircraft known as the Autel Evo II is easy to use as well as allows 3D rendering and mapping. This is useful for gaining access to remote locations. Drone technology has come a long way in terms of depth and accuracy for image rendering. Drones are ideal for investigating accidents in remote locations as this allows responders to scope out an area before putting themselves in the way of potential danger. This could save the lives of first responders.

Rugged Tablets for 3D Images from Afar

Our rugged tablets allow for powerful image streaming from afar, with a large screen size that enhances the viewing experience for remote images. We offer tablets both under and over eight inches in size. Our latest, handheld models offer detailing from all angles of the image. Our rugged tablets tested well in certain accident simulations. Any improvement to make the lives of emergency responders safer is just one of the many reasons why tablets in accident investigations are so important.

Satellite Connection and Real Sense Technology

Tablets like the DT301T Rugged Tablet provide accuracy and integrity through the use of GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite Systems. All of our tablets are equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Broadband features. They also have 4G technology which allows for a farther-reaching broadband cellular network. Stellar connection matters, especially when the information is quickly needed and sensitive.

Remote locations shouldnt go unnavigated, which is why drones, tablets, and other innovations that involve image rendering and satellite technology are essential to accident investigations. DT Research provides aid in industries such as medical, military, and agriculture. We offer an array of rugged tablets with various optional features such as 3D and regular cameras, barcode scanners, and smart card and RFID readers. Explore our site to find a tablet for your unique needs.