Rugged Tablets: Invaluable Tool for Smart City Management

Designing a smart city means the development, infrastructure, and management utilizes technology to make their cities more self-aware, automated, and efficient. Smart City promises a combination of technology paired with physical infrastructure and services that improves the lives of residents. The concept is the result of the consistently growing Internet of Things (IoT), with transportation, and utilities among the many areas being affected.

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Using Drones and Rugged Tablets to Investigate Accidents in Remote Locations

Tablets have proven to be a viable resource when it comes to accident investigation. With image rendering technology becoming faster, smoother, and more in-depth, its easier to examine locations from afar. Innovations such as drones and more secure, satellite-based connections enable responders and officials to navigate difficult terrain and high-risk areas safely. Here are a few ways in which drones and tablets are making a difference in these investigations.

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Rugged Tablets for Crash Scene Reconstruction

Image courtesy of DotProduct LLC

Crash scene investigators rely on the accuracy of information from the incident to reconstruct the scene once the debris from the site has been cleaned up. First responders rely on cleaning up the scene with speed in order to restore traffic flow and avoid another accident. There are many details that need to be collected from the location of an accident including pictures, documentation from witnesses, and measurements of the details from the scene.

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3 Reasons Police Departments Love DT Research Rugged Tablets

Reviews are in, police departments love DT Research rugged tablets for on-duty fieldwork. 

When finding that our purpose-built tablets are being used by the US Navy, police departments feel comfortable knowing that DT Research rugged tablets are built military tough and that they can be an asset to a police department.

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