Rugged Tablet: Ideal tool for Transportation and Logistics Companies

Rugged tablets are in high demand in a variety of businesses around the world. The flexibility and efficiency that rugged tablets have brought to simplifying business operations is credited for its adoption. Rugged tablets are built to provide high performance, durability, harsh environment adaptation, mobility, and real-time data access.

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Scanning Solutions to Avoid Labeling and Asset Management Errors

From shipping and logistics to warehouse floors, capturing data accurately and efficiently is a crucial part of managing assets. Knowing where a product is on the floor at all times to avoid mislabeling or missing items, means having boxes properly stored in the warehouse or items properly documented before, during, and upon arriving at a shipment dock. These needs require scanning solutions that accurately collect data, record it into a system and store it for internal use at any time a team member needs to receive the information.

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Rugged Tablets Assist Asset Checkout for Theme Park Performers and Staff

The show must go on… theme parks are an active, fast-paced environment where many moving departments and parts need to be tracked on a daily basis. One of the most important assets to theme parks are their performers and the shows in which are produced every day. However, managing all of the assets for each show, times employees check out materials, and which costumes went where can be an overwhelming task; without the proper systems and processes in place can lead to lost assets and misplaced materials, ultimately costing the theme park thousands per year to replace. 

Rugged tablets assist this process by making it easy for team members to checkout assets easily and quickly, so they are tracked no matter where they are. Rugged tablets are portable, handheld computers that scan and track park assets organizing data showing who checked out the item, what show it went to, and when it is returned. 

Rugged tablets log data in real-time, meaning an employee or manager from any department can log in and see information as soon as it is entered into the system. This allows employees who may need a costume later that day to have access to when it has been returned so they can go pick it up. Or if a piece is missing to a costume, a manager can log in to the system and see what employee had it last, and where and when it was returned so they can try to track down the missing piece. 

As long as the team member has the right access to the network, they are able to see information as it is logged and recorded in real-time. CAC readers are integrated into our rugged tablets for extra security features so employee badges can be scanned for access to only the information level they are authorized to see. 

This also helps speed the process along for asset checkout so team members can scan the asset and go. Rugged tablets are durable and can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. If dropped, the rugged tablet, unlike other tablets, will not shatter and break, thereby reducing technology maintenance costs. Behind sets can get crowded and accidents happen, if something is spilled or the tablet is laid down in a dusty or sandy environment it will continue working with no downtime or need for replacement. 

Rugged tablets are an easy-to-use tool for theme parks that need to track asset checkouts, which could include uniforms, tools for technicians, costumes for performers, diagnostic equipment for technicians who work on the rides or any other assets that may need to be checked out and returned with their location throughout tracked at the time it is being used. Rugged tablets easily integrate with software systems and can be moved from one location to another accommodating multiple locations throughout the park or if one location needs to be moved, the tablet can be mobile and move with it. 

Rugged tablets make the perfect technology tool for theme parks to manage their assets for an efficient and smooth environment that improves productivity and project flow with team members, by offering a quick and reliable way for employees to easily and effortlessly check out and check in the items they need, so the show can go on. 

Rugged Tablets for Emergency Billing

Surprise or delayed medical bills can be a real issue for both patients and medical staff. The bigger the internal lag, the more time between service and payments. From the ambulance ride to the arrival at the hospital, staff should be aware of the patients information for both care and billing purposes. The more the hospital knows and sooner, the faster and more efficiently the patient receives treatment. Heres how rugged tablets can aid hospitals and first responders with faster information transfer.

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Rugged Tablets for Improved Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse management aims to ensure that all the products on the floor will have less interruptions and errors with more efficiency for teams working the floor. With this, constant adaptation to advanced technology is sought by companies to improve productivity and role efficiency. Rugged tablets are one of the advanced technologies being used by several warehouses to be efficient in their operations.

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