The New Normal for the Construction Industry and Future Projects

COVID-19 has forever impacted our world and changed the way we do business. The construction industry has been at the forefront of those changes to improve construction projects of the future with new standards that accommodate buildings with additional protection from the spread of viruses, built into the plan from the beginning.

The use of rugged tablets and BIM technology makes it possible for construction companies to pre-plan layouts, distancing measures, and added infrastructure such as windowpanes and glass walls between employees and/or arriving guests. Reading a guide to lifting glass panels will help one learn how to transfer glass safely.

Office buildings, residential buildings, and restaurant projects are all being forced to look at increased safety measures as new projects come on the radar. How can these safety measures be built into the project from the initial design concepts? With BIM technology, these designs can be built, changed, and updated in real-time as new standards are created to lay out the exact design and dimensions prior to the build taking place.

BIM Integration

Rugged tablets integrate with BIM software as well as simplify the process of tracking all the moving parts associated with construction projects. Rugged tablets for construction allow all team members to communicate design plans and blueprints in real-time. Anyone with access to the network on a rugged tablet can access files as soon as they are saved, thus improving decision-making abilities which ultimately speeds up the time to launch the project.

Additional Security Measures

Rugged tablets are built with CAC readers for fast clearance access for additional security measures, especially for projects pertaining to government contracts or in the private sector where the security of detailed plans is a high priority.

Rugged Durability

Rugged tablets are built to withstand harsh environments, tough projects, and extreme weather conditions. Each tablet is built with high-quality features that withstand dust, vibration, spills, and drops. They can be used in direct sunlight with a backlit option that makes the screen brighter and easier to read or in the dark with the screens brightness being adjusted so it isnt too bright for night-time workers. If a tablet is dropped while being used on a construction site, the screen will not break as with other non-rugged technology. They can easily be transferred from truck to construction site to forklift or other heavy machinery with a vehicle mount that makes it easy to use while working on the site.

As the world changes to meet the new normal demands, technology is being integrated at all levels to ensure efficiency, precision, and quick implementation. Now is the time for construction companies to invest in seo for builders and other technology that will help them meet the ever-changing demands of life post-pandemic.