Leveraging State-of-the-Art Technology to Connect Military Operations

Internal military operations can be difficult if proper communication and technology are not implemented to track all projects, field officers, base logistics, and other moving parts of mission-critical advances. The technology used to coordinate efforts both on the base and in the field is crucial for optimal efficiency, real-time communication, and secure data management. 

Rugged tablets for military operations are the solution to connected efforts. They help to bring all teams together on the same platform for optimal communication. Data is safely transmitted over the network and logged so it can be accessed to whenever needed. Rugged tablets for military operations streamline internal operations in the following ways:

Secure Data Management

Military-grade tablets are built with an integrated CAC reader that securely keeps all information from any parties that do not have access to specific parts of the network. Military personnel with the appropriate credentials can access the network and retrieve all pertinent data relevant to making crucial decisions. On the flip side, if a team member does not have the appropriate credentials, they will not be able to access the information. 

Likewise, data that is recorded and stored on the device reduces risk for human error as it is recorded directly from the source such as a 3D RealSense camera or drone. This type of recording of data is precisely accurate with measurements, data logs, and images that may help field officers make mission-critical decisions. 

Real-time Communication 

Teams must be able to make decisions in seconds when in the field. Rugged tablets make that possible by ensuring all data is logged and recorded on the network in real-time. Therefore, an officer at the base can make a decision based on information being fed from a drone in the field or a 3D RealSense camera on the ground. This ensures decisions are made with the most up-to-date information saving time and resources and in some cases lives. 

Supply and Inventory Tracking

Inventory levels are an important part of base logistics. If inventory gets low, logistics personnel need to be notified immediately so orders can be placed and nothing gets to the point of running out which could be detrimental to field operations. Military-grade tablets allow for ease of tracking supply shipments, inventory levels, and even maintenance repairs on vehicles and equipment. Automatic ordering can also be implemented when levels are running low, ensuring base logistics officers are never caught off guard or run out of supplies. 

Military operations depend on great technology to assist the roles and responsibilities of their officers. Military-grade tablets are designed with operational efficiency in mind. Built tough and reliable, durable enough to withstand many climates and environmental conditions, drops, spills, high-vibrations, dust, and other elements without breaking down. Fast internal processing power, WiFi capabilities built-in, and integrated data capture ensure operations are functional no matter what the external conditions may be. They are dependable and fast and make the perfect technology partner both on-base and in the field.