Rugged Tablets to Manage Asset Checkouts by Staff

Theme parks, theatres, and movie sets require their employees to check out costumes and assets required to do their job; those assets need to be tracked and managed as they are used and returned to ensure none are lost. Mismanagement of costumes and assets could be expensive to replace if they are lost, costing the company thousands per year and time to replace items.

Rugged tablets are capable of assisting with inventory management, tracking when items are checked out and when they are returned. Rugged tablets are portable, handheld computing solutions that can be used on the go, they are built durable to withstand a variety of types of environments and extreme temperatures. 

Updates are made in real-time so team members from multiple departments can view inventory logs and notes logged in the system at any time. 

Rugged Tablets for Asset Checkout Aids the Following Industries:

Theme Parks

Theme parks have hundreds to thousands of costumes they check out on a daily basis to their team members. Costumes for different departments, daily events, and shows must be checked out in the morning and returned once work is complete. This transaction needs to be quick so employees can get to work, yet accurate so the park knows who checked it out, what time, and where it is returned. This way if the costume is lost or not returned on time, they can fact-find to track down the costume. 

Rugged tablets manage this process efficiently, logging all data and information accurately and in real-time. Rugged tablets can also be used at different locations around the theme park to collect other assets used daily by staff. Data is recorded in real-time so if someone from another department needs the costume or other item, they can locate it once logged in the system.

Movie Sets

Movie sets have many assets that need to be used in multiple locations during a movie shoot. Knowing where that item is at all times is important to prevent delaying filming times. Items from time to time may be logged out for several days and left at the set and other staff may need to locate the item. Having rugged tablets used on the set helps to locate items quickly when and if needed. Rugged tablets can be moved from set to set and on different locations to log and track costumes and other assets daily, ensuring items are not lost so filming schedules can stay on track. The show must go on… without delays of wondering where assets or costumes are. 


Theatres have many performers, dancers, behind-the-scenes staff, and set directors who all need access to costumes and props to ensure the show goes on.  Theatres are fast-paced with a lot of chaos behind the scenes to ensure each part of the play is delivered effortlessly to the audience. Rugged tablets on set can manage all the moving parts behind the scenes to reduce the chaos and track and log inventory of all items used for the production of the show. 

Rugged tablets are portable, handheld computing solutions that can be carried around the set and used for multiple purposes including having a record of where assets are located throughout the production. 

No matter the situation or industry, rugged tablets are the right technology for tracking and logging assets and inventory control. Durable to withstand extreme temperatures and climates, yet lightweight enough to be carried from location to location.