Scanning Solutions to Avoid Labeling and Asset Management Errors

From shipping and logistics to warehouse floors, capturing data accurately and efficiently is a crucial part of managing assets. Knowing where a product is on the floor at all times to avoid mislabeling or missing items, means having boxes properly stored in the warehouse or items properly documented before, during, and upon arriving at a shipment dock. These needs require scanning solutions that accurately collect data, record it into a system and store it for internal use at any time a team member needs to receive the information.

When boxes go missing on a warehouse floor, accurate data that can be tracked from each step becomes of utmost importance. If a product or package is mislabeled it could cost teams weeks in productivity to find it. Millions of dollars are spent on lost or damaged goods during shipping every month, with no way of knowing who damaged it or where the product went.

Rugged tablets with built-in scanning solutions have become in high demand for companies seeking ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Unlike consumer-grade tablets, rugged tablets are purpose-built for environments where speed, accuracy, and durability matter. Rugged tablets are designed and manufactured with the task in mind, integrating into the tablet scanning solutions such as RFID scanners and barcode scanners, thus eliminating having them as an external accessory that could break off or get lost when needed.

Rugged tablets are a reliable piece of technology that can be used on the warehouse floor, in the field, on a loading dock, or in other environments that are too harsh for consumer-grade, off-the-shelf tablets. Rugged tablets can withstand drops, spills, vibrational environments, extreme weather conditions, and direct sunlight.

RFID Scanning Solutions

Every time a new item enters a warehouse it must be tagged, identified, and recorded into the system; ensuring items can be tracked as they move around to different locations in the warehouse or to a new location or different building. RFID tags are typically added to each item entering a warehouse, a portable scanning device that can scan the RFID tags is needed each time inventory is done for that asset. RFID tags and scanning solutions allow for faster and more accurate data transfer regarding the items being managed. RFID scanning solutions enable bulk scans of assets as well as long-range capabilities.

RFID tags require an initial investment for the physical tags and devices, but not much in the way of maintenance long term. A mobile RFID approach can quickly pay for itself in improved efficiencies, reduced asset costs, and much more.

Barcode Scanning Solutions

Utilizing rugged tablets with integrated barcode scanning solutions ensures accurate data collection while making it easier for team members to complete tasks on the floor or in the field. Long-range scanning for products and items stored up high becomes easier as barcodes can be scanned on shelves from the floor. Rugged tablets create barcode scanners within the design of the tablet to reduce the risk of them breaking as an external piece. This reduces the amount of repair and replacement costs for this portable solution. Rugged tablets with barcode scanners are lightweight and can be handheld and carried around the floor, but are durable enough to survive harsh environments.