Unveiling the Future of Business Mobility with DT Research’s 362DN and 382DN Series

In today’s fast moving business environment, having access to reliable and rugged mobile solutions can make all the difference. DT Research, a leading provider of purpose-built computing solutions, continues to push the boundaries of innovation with the introduction of their latest offerings: the 362DN and 382DN Series rugged tablets. Let’s delve into the key features of these cutting-edge handhelds and explore how they are revolutionizing business operations.

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Rugged Tablets and RFID: Air Force’s Game-Changing Approach to Asset Management Efficiency

In a groundbreaking move that promises to redefine asset management efficiency, the United States Air Force has recently completed a successful proof of concept involving the integration of rugged tablets equipped with RFID technology and Tech Tracker software. This innovative approach to asset management has yielded remarkable results, reducing asset management time by an astounding 90%.

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Manage Military Assets More Efficiently

Military operations are known for their accuracy, efficiency, focus, and precision. Military internal administration, on the other hand, finds it challenging to exhibit the same level of perfection due to the reliance on legacy technology and manual procedures. The deployment of a fully automated, real-time military asset management, tracking, and maintenance solution that provides you complete visibility and control is the best way to achieve the precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that are essential to the success of military internal operations.

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Benefits of Long-Range RFID and Barcode Scanners

Keeping accurate records for inventory is crucial to juggling the moving parts of knowing when to order specific products so the company doesn’t run out and cause a backlog. Asset tracking can also be one of the tedious tasks that has a big impact to a company’s bottom line. Not having accurate records or wrong information logged for specific parts can be a costly mistake that can sideline a business or part of a business for months.

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Scanning Solutions to Avoid Labeling and Asset Management Errors

From shipping and logistics to warehouse floors, capturing data accurately and efficiently is a crucial part of managing assets. Knowing where a product is on the floor at all times to avoid mislabeling or missing items, means having boxes properly stored in the warehouse or items properly documented before, during, and upon arriving at a shipment dock. These needs require scanning solutions that accurately collect data, record it into a system and store it for internal use at any time a team member needs to receive the information.

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