DT Research Medical Tablets and Cart Computers Meets EMS’ Daily Operations Needs

Medical devices are increasingly using displays with touch panels to enhance patient care and productivity. These medical devices like tablets and panel PCs are frequently utilized in medical displays, patient monitoring systems, and hand-held devices. 

Every time people use these touch-screen devices, there is a chance that each one will leave their mark in the form of more or less dangerous bacteria, making it increasingly difficult to stop the growth of microbes and the transfer of bacteria through the surface of medical tablets.

The Emergency Medical Services industry now makes use of these cutting-edge technologies and features in providing services to the general public thanks to the quick adoption of medical tablets, AIO touch panel PCs, touch screen medical equipment, and medical cart computers.

Below are the advantages of using DT Research medical tablets and medical cart computers for EMS services:

Antimicrobial Coating

A medical tablet’s antimicrobial coating is used to stop the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, stop the transfer of bacteria from surfaces, and stop the spread of infectious diseases. Unlike the cleaning supplies and disinfectants frequently used in healthcare institutions, the antimicrobial coating on medical tablets and all-in-one touch panel PCs contain active substances that offer round-the-clock defense against bacteria, halting their spread. 

DT Research medical rugged tablets offer integrated antimicrobial properties to minimize bacteria growth and the spread of germs from user to user. The medical tablets have a water-resistant design that allows cleaning of the surface without concern of affecting the internal components.


The fanless construction of DT Research’s medical-grade tablets and computing systems reduces the spread of bacteria both inside and outside an EMS unit by preventing particulate matter and microbes from being distributed in the air or concentrated in an area. 

Even if EMS practices routine cleanup in-between calls or shifts, the fanless nature of the medical tablet and medical cart computer helps prevent it from potentially taking in contaminated air and circulating it when providing transport for patients or during patient care.

Hot Swappable Batteries

Medical tablets and medical cart computers from DT Research feature a hot-swappable battery mechanism that enables battery changes without shutting down the device. Each tablet has an external battery that can be quickly and easily removed from the system while it is still running and replaced with a charged battery. 

As a result, the computer may function continuously for an entire shift without ever shutting down, disrupting patient care, or losing data. In order to minimize or eliminate downtime for healthcare workers during busy shifts, additional batteries can be completely charged and kept on standby.

DT Research medical tablets and all-in-one medical cart computers integrate large touch screens and high-performance yet energy-efficient processors in slim, durable, bacteria-resistant packages. With built-in data capture, these tablets and mountable computers offer health professionals effective tools to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information. The Wi-Fi and wireless mobile telecommunications technology connection also makes data access efficient and optimizes staff workflow.