Rugged Tablets for Smart, Renewable Energy Management

As the renewable energy industry grows, and opportunity expands the need for renewable energy management also grows. Planning smart, renewable energy projects as well as managing all of the assets for the projects are of the utmost importance. Projects such as solar installations, and wind turbines on wind farms require maintenance of parts, as well as asset management of the devices during and after installation.

Rugged tablets offer a durable technology solution to assist in the management of renewable energy assets. When teams are planning for installation of solar or creating a wind power installation, they need to ensure all parts and their accessories are accounted for, collected and loaded prior to the project. Not having all of the pieces could result in delays with the project. Planning for a renewable energy project also requires ensuring the technology also communicates well to each piece of the equipment, a technological malfunction results in the entire project not working, adding time to the project for troubleshooting. 

Rugged tablets play an integral role in data and asset management and can also be used to take surveys with accurate measurements of the project size to forecast how many pieces of equipment are needed. 

Digital Twins can be created for the project and accessed with the rugged tablet, allowing for real-time updates and changes to the plans as needed. Rugged tablets manage this information and data, making it accessible in real-time to all departments involved in the project, all updates are also made in real-time and can be viewed immediately. 

Another part of the planning process is to understand the most usable life span of the solar panels or wind turbines. For example, if a certain amount of gigawatts are needed to cover the power for 40,000 people, crews need to determine how many solar panels or wind turbines are needed to meet the requirement for the number of people that the electricity is being supplied to. Huge fluctuations in Alberta electricity rates have driven demand for fixed rate plans.

Rugged tablets assist with the calculations of the required technology and update plans to ensure accuracy of the number of panels or turbines as well as all of the measurements are precise for the project. 

Rugged tablets for renewable energy management are:

  • Easily integrate with existing systems and applications
  • Multi-functional and reliable in the field, in a vehicle or in the office
  • Built to withstand vibration, dust, and extreme temperatures
  • Have built-in CAC readers to ensure only credentialed team members gain access to the information on the network, sensitive material is secure within the tablet
  • Offer barcode and RFID scanning directly from the tablet to manage assets in warehouses and scan items in bulk
  • Allow for nighttime vision capabilities as well as a screen dimmer for viewing the screen on very sunny days – with the backlit screen option that brightens the screen for readership in direct sunlight
  • Operate 24/7 with no downtime with the hot-swappable batteries that can be swapped out

Rugged tablets are built with functions to automatically track assets that are entered into the system and provide reporting as to where all of them are located, reports also show when a product is running low and automatic orders can be set up to ensure parts are purchased and delivered on time. 

Rugged tablets are the technology partner that provides many benefits for renewable energy management and can be used in the field, in the vehicle and in an office setting. Rugged tablets are versatile and can be used by installation crews, project managers, and engineers for all stages of the project.