Rugged Tablets Enable Accurate Asset Management On and Off Base

Asset management is one of the most crucial needs of the military, and also the one with the most moving parts to keep track of. On and off the base, assets are a critical part of logistics for the military. Assets could include equipment, vehicles, supplies, people, and technology. 

One miscalculation of assets could throw the entire base into chaos, especially if an item like supplies run low with no way of getting more for weeks. 

Military-grade tablets are a tool that offers accurate asset management for both on-base and off-base needs. Rugged tablets are equipped with built-in CAC readers, barcode scanners, and RFID readers which makes scanning assets including batch scans easy. 

Batch scans allow for supplies and equipment to be scanned in bulk and appropriately assigned to the right place on the base until the item is needed. Rugged tablets can also automatically update inventory of assets as they are used on the base and keep accurate records detailing which assets are in abundance and which are running low. This makes ordering simple rather than having to manually do inventory on a regular basis. Auto-ordering can also be set up on the tablet to order an item when it reaches a certain number. 

Rugged tablets also assist with tracking inventory of vehicles including maintenance and repair records to assist logistics teams with the ability to at a glance see when specific vehicles are due for repairs or maintenance, which ones are operable and which ones are out of operation – assisting with vehicle assignments to ensure operations flow smoothly. 

Additional benefits of military-grade tablets include:

  • Night vision screen which can’t be seen at night by night vision goggles;
  • Screen dimmer for brightness during the day in direct sunlight and dimmer when in use in the evening making the screen easier to see;
  • Rated MIL-STD for durability and reliability to withstand harsh conditions and extreme environments;
  • Capacitive touch screen which can be used with a finger or a pen
  • Advanced security features to ensure data on tablet is secure at all times

Military-grade tablets offer a variety of benefits for military personnel both on and off the base, they are versatile and mobile, can be carried into the field, into a repair facility, warehouse or mounted on a vehicle for use in the field.