DT301Y: The Multi-functional “Swiss Army” Tablet

Over the last decade, technology in the public safety industry has advanced considerably. Radios, body cameras, armor, and tactics have all revolutionized how police, fire, and EMS services operate on a regular basis across the country.

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Accessories Flex Usability for the DT361AM Tablet

The newly released DT Research DT361AM Tablet is a lightweight, durable six-inch tablet that is perfect for on-the-go industries where having an ultra-portable mini-computer is a necessity. Industries such as law enforcement, military, government, first responders, utility workers, warehouses, construction, and field workers who need something that can easily be carried in the hand while in the field, yet has the power to quickly log documents and input data while saving information in real-time so anyone with network access can access information at the same time it is uploaded. 

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