High Accuracy GNSS Rugged Tablets are Ideal for State DOT and More

GNSS Rugged Tablets are proving to be ideal for transportation construction projects as well as biology, geology, roadway and wetland projects on a state level. In Oregon, this has been increasingly true as DT Research tablets have been rolled out to offices across the state. DT Research worked closely with ODOT to design purpose-built GNSS positioning tablets that provide using GPS locating and 3D modeling technologies. Now, these tablets which meet rigorous requirements for in-the-field state-employed workers, are used daily to complete their tasks and achieve accurate geospatial measurements 

These rugged tablets have many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Save time and effort on the part of survey crews, by making the process fast, easy, and achievable with minimum requirements on the part of a field team
  • Reduce costs thanks to being able to achieve survey-grade measurements without the need for a professional survey for every task
  • Improve accuracy of projects through digital-as constructed measurements, due to built-in dual-frequency GNSS modules. Each module is designed to provide stand-alone sub-meter accuracy to centimeter-level accuracy thanks to integration with Real-Time Kinematics from GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellites.

The tablets are also compatible with existing survey and GIS software for mapping application. When placed in the hands of field experts, they simplify and streamline the processes and workflows associated with data capture, accurate positioning, and data transmitting. Instead of a multiple-person team on the ground trying to achieve accurate measurements, now one-person survey crew can utilize a DT Research tablet to accurately calculate and record measurements even for highly complex construction projects.

The tablets also deliver a reliable, accurate contract verification system, since each digital-as-constructed measurements can be delivered immediately and stored forever. Billing discrepancies can be disputed and rectified without the time consuming and costly method of independent re-measurement checks. 

Other features of these excellent purpose-built tablets include:

  • Storage. The DT Research GNSS tablets can store up to 1 Terabyte of data
  • Runtime. Users can avoid down-time with a high capacity hot-swappable battery pack, delivering 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous use.
  • Communication. Each unit includes 4G mobile broadband plus Long-Range Class 1 Bluetooth, powering wireless connectivity up to 1,000 feet.
  • Simplicity. DT Research tablets are a Windows based mobile device with a familiar user interface, allowing state workers to be trained in their use in as little as two hours.

DT Research tablets are military-grade durable devices, lightweight but packed with options and offered with multiple accessories such as external antennas, pole mount cradles, detachable keyboards, battery charging kits, and digital pens. They are ideal for state transportation and works departments, and can shape the future of DOT in many states over the coming years.