Asset Tracking Efficiency for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

“Where in the world is that battery pack for the computer?”

“Who used the mobile x-ray machine last, it’s nowhere to be found…”

“We’re running low on supplies on this floor, any idea when more will be delivered?”

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Why Our Customers Choose DT Research

Everything we do here at DT Research is with our customers in mind. We design, build, and manufacture purpose-built computers and accessories that go beyond expectations to fill a need in the marketplace. When we hear of a specific need or challenge that a customer or industry is facing, our team begins working on a solution. Often a company in the purpose-built devices space will build the product and then try to fit it into the industry, but we truly believe in building the product specific to the needs of our customers.

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Powerful Tools to Provide 24/7 Security at Construction Sites

Security at construction sites has been an ongoing need and problem to solve over the decades. Many times, crews need to staff a security guard during off-hours to ensure construction equipment is safe and the site is secure. Now with the advancement of technology, construction sites can be secure without needing a person on-site 24/7.

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Rugged Tablets for Windmill Maintenance Management

Windmill operations are a significant resource for energy production. The average windmill farm with 300 turbines requires consistent maintenance and repairs to ensure optimal function and efficiency. Sensors located at key points on each turbine sends various types of data back to the wind farms maintenance team. This data includes information on lubrication levels, vibration, temperatures, and foundation displacement, all of which can be used to plan maintenance updates. Maintenance workers need to lubricate items like gearboxes, bearings, and the main shaft to resolve issues before they arise.

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Automated License Plate Readers and Rugged Tablets Enable Accuracy in Law Enforcement

Automated license plate readers (ALPR) are cameras that read alpha-numeric characters on vehicles. Their deployment into law enforcement has many benefits including the ability to identify crimes that involve a motor vehicle with higher accuracy;  70% of crimes involve the use of a motor vehicle. This statistic is in part, why using ALPR systems are so effective in improving the efficiency of police officers considering that vehicles operated on public highways must be registered and bear license plates.

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