Medical Cart Computers: Solutions to Improving Patient Care Services

The ability to gather and access data at the touch of fingertips, and to have the ability to take it around wherever you go is invaluable for those working in the healthcare sector. The trend that is transforming the health industry these days known as workstations on wheels or medical cart computers are a staple in the healthcare services industry. These workstations on wheels provide medical workers with the ability to offer bedside patient charting, accurately distribute medication based on patient records, and review doctors’ orders. Medical cart computers are also aiding in the adoption and advancement of telehealth or telemedicine applications.

With the onset of COVID, workstations on wheels are even more in high demand than before given the needs of medical staff around the world. This innovation in technology protects patient data, the security of information held on the medical cart computer, and is compliant with HIPAA regulations for patient information privacy. The optional CAC/smart card reader gives instant access to secure information depending on clearance permissions given on the staff ID card.

DT Research understands the needs around security and privacy issues in the healthcare sector thus introduced the unique design of the DT Research Medical-Cart Computers (Medical PCs) that delivers answers for the long-standing challenges with Computers on Wheels (COWs) and Workstations on Wheels (WOWs):

Space Saving with Hot-Swappable Batteries

DT Research all-in-ones slim, space-saving design allows hospital staff to move their computer from patient to patient and location to location as needed with no downtime. It is integrated with hot-swappable batteries (optional, up to 3 batteries) that can operate with non-powered carts to create an efficient workstation on wheels. When hot-swappable batteries run low on power, they can be switched out for fresh batteries without having to shut the machine off. Batteries are charged on docking stations so they are powered up and ready for use when needed.

IP rated and Anti-microbial

The antimicrobial properties of the DT Research medical cart computer prevent the spread of germs, unlike consumer-grade devices. With the IP-rated enclosure, anti-microbial coating, and UL-60601-1 certification, these medical-cart computers are ideal for medical offices and environments in the hospital settings. They prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce the spread of infectious diseases even if they are not cleaned between uses.

All in One Solution

DT Research medical cart computers are an all in one solution integrated with Microsoft Windows operating systems, Intel Core i quad-core processors, with dual HDMI video-out, and offers optional smart card/CAC reader. It also has a high contrast 22″ or 24 TFT-LCD, capacitive touch option that makes reading charts, checking laboratory reports, and accessing pertinent information on the spot easier and less prone to human errors.

Using these work stations on wheels or computers on wheels will save money and time since they last much longer than consumer-grade PCs. DT Research medical cart computers add significant advantages to healthcare facilities in many different areas and make the lives of medical staff more efficient. They are the perfect aid for offering the absolute best in patient care.