3 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Your Company’s IT Department

IT departments love Rugged Tablets for many reasons; their ease of network connection, enabled communication in real-time, and advanced security features empower IT departments and assist their daily roles and responsibilities making it easier for them to manage devices across a network.

When it comes to managing a network across multiple departments, IT teams need reliability, ease of integration, and technology that empowers them with fewer maintenance needs.

3 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Your Company’s IT Department

Easy Network Sync

IT departments managing devices across a large network prefers when the devices across that network easily sync with each other. Rugged tablets have an advantage over other devices in that they easily connect across a network to provide data collection and communication between departments. This ability to sync across a large network also has advantages when it comes to running updates across the network, IT departments can easily run updates across the network at one time.

Remote Access

Having the ability to remotely access devices from an offsite location rather than having to go to the computer to fix an issue, saves IT departments time and improves efficiency when troubleshooting problems on a device located in a different office. Remote access from the rugged tablet network is easy to access from anywhere at any time without compromising security features. Thus, enabling IT departments to increase efficiency when troubleshooting problems remotely.


Fanless computers are an asset for IT departments for several reasons, the main being that there are no moving parts. When a fan has a mechanical failure, it not only requires a replacement fan but also puts the stability and health of the computer at risk. As the temperature rises, the computer might shut itself down unexpectedly. A fanless computer eliminates the risk of a mechanical breakdown. Fanless computers can also be placed in locations unsuitable for computers with fans.

Fanless computers also do not pull in or put out debris and do not blow dust and dirt, which improves performance and eliminates a cause of computer failure. Fanless computers offer greater reliability and durability, as well as less maintenance or repairs for IT departments to deal with. 

Rugged tablets are reliable technology for IT departments. They provide an organization with mobility and real-time communication as well as a durable option for field use or to be used on a warehouse floor. They can be used in extreme environments without fear of shutting down and have hot-swappable batteries for environments where continuous operation is important.