DT Research Rugged Tablets: Rugged Solutions for Utility Workers

The portability and ruggedness of tablets and hand-held devices have made them an indispensable new instrument in the utility and energy industries. Service and utility companies like electric, water, oil, gas, and telecommunications are as of now furnishing their field workers with these devices for everything from communicating with their teams, to finishing and transmitting work orders, and undertaking safety reviews to dispatching and routing.

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Rugged Tablets Increase the Efficiency of City Infrastructure, Growth and Development

The infrastructure of a city is its lifeline for quality of life, as well as economic growth and development. Infrastructure of a city can include both hard and soft infrastructure requirements such as transportation, energy the production of and electrical grids throughout the city, health and education, water facilities, public safety and/or IT services.

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5 Ways Rugged Tablets Streamline Processes for Utility Workers

For anyone who is a part of the management of a city, building, facility, warehouse, or other pieces of infrastructure that uses electricity and water, they are well acquainted with the high cost of utilities as well as the difficulties that can come with maintaining them. Utility workers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks including various construction duties, installation, repair and maintenance of mains, service lines, meters, hydrants, and other apparatuses. They are responsible for ensuring water and electricity throughout the city, building or facility runs smoothly and efficiently. Should a problem arise, they are the first to respond. 

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Efficient City Transportation is Key to a Productive City

Subways, buses, and trains are essential to every major citys infrastructure and way of life. When one way of commuting through the city is delayed or shut down, the entire city feels the slowdown. Workers run late, offices cant function properly and on time, residents are delayed, and city functions come to a halt. Therefore, city planners and transportation employees must appropriately plan for, execute and track scheduled maintenance, repairs and employee time off to ensure the city runs optimally.

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Smart Cities Integrate Rugged Tablets for Collecting, Monitoring and Communicating Data

City maintenance teams are hard at work ensuring the infrastructure and appeal of the city remains up-to-date and fully functional. The responsibilities of city maintenance employees has a large range with duties including the maintenance of sidewalks, city curbs, sanitation services, street maintenance, city parks, traffic and lighting, and assistance with transit needs. Tracking all of the responsibilities of maintenance around the city requires efficient processes and real-time communication among teams. 

Rugged tablets for city maintenance are an asset when looking to improve the logistics of managing the various tasks and responsibilities. Rugged tablets are mobile and built to withstand harsh environments. They are flexible to integrate with existing systems keeping the development and maintenance of smart cities running smoothly. Smart city development is in high demand. Rugged tablets aid these efforts by integrating with the latest technology to track, manage and communicate all data collected throughout the city in real-time and available on the network. All city departments that need access, have access through the network and can review all data as needed. This improves the efficiency of planning, aids the development of infrastructure needs, and keeps tasks moving forward in an organized fashion.

3 Reasons Why Every City Should Integrate the Use of Rugged Tablets


Rugged tablets are built tough to withstand harsh environments. Whether it is harsh weather conditions such as extreme hot or extremely cold temperatures, or areas that are susceptible to dust or sand or other natural elements, rugged tablets hold up in almost any environment. They will continue to operate efficiently when used in the field. They are also built to withstand drops of up to 4 feet high, without cracked screens or hardware malfunctions. The durability of a rugged tablet allows them to be multi-functional, they are able to be used in the field, in a vehicle withstanding vibrations and bumps, as well as in the office by incorporating the docking keyboard.

Worker Safety

Not all conditions within the city are safe for workers to enter into and check for maintenance issues, such as utility checks – when workers are required to go underground to check for gas leaks, burst pipes or other electrical issues, the environment into which they are entering may not be 100% safe. With the use of a rugged tablet equipped with an integrated camera and attached light, workers can virtually enter into the unknown environment to look for leaks, pipe bursts or other repairs that may need to be done. 

The tablet records and documents all findings into a program on the tablet for review at a later time. With the use of a 3D RealSense camera on the tablet images taken are in 3D making them as realistic as if they are being seen in person. Rugged tablets improve worker safety by entering into unknown environments to gather information without a human having to do so. The recorded data from a tablet reduces human error because the information doesnt have to be recorded and then transferred when back at the office. 

Real-Time Communication

All information recorded into a rugged tablet is communicated in real-time to anyone with network access. Varying levels of access can also be granted to levels within the team to ensure all data is secure. Furthermore, the information gathered in the field on the tablet is automatically updated in the system. Rugged tablets for smart cities tracks when repairs are completed or logged that an item may need to be repaired in upcoming months, this improves productivity and documentation of all needed city repairs with less human error in having to track and remember when repairs are needed. 

For example if potholes are sighted within various neighborhoods during a routine inspection, a rugged tablet can be used to site the pothole and also be made available to the repair team with an exact location. This reduces the time it takes to track down the pothole when the repair team is in the field doing repairs. Once repairs are completed and logged into the system, all team members who have access to the network are able to see the updates in real-time. 

Utilizing rugged tablets for smart city development and for city maintenance responsibilities increases the productivity and efficiency of city operations. To learn more about which rugged tablet is best for your needs contact us today.