Rugged Tablets for Forklift Management and Maintenance Repairs

Many construction projects need forklifts to assist them in moving heavy objects on a site; often these forklifts are rented from a company during the days they are needed at the construction site. Forklift rental companies require efficiency in tracking which forklifts are rented out and to whom, how long they will be rented for, and which are in need of repair or regular maintenance to accurately predict how many are operable for specific dates every month. For larger construction companies that own their equipment, or for warehouses, it is still necessary to track the use of forklifts within the company to ensure each one is accounted for accurately.

Check-in and check-out procedures require detail, accuracy, and good records in real-time. The old way of checking equipment in and out was to log usage in a master book – which could be lost, damaged, or at risk for human error.

Today, technology enhances a company’s ability to accurately record data and information that is available at all times by logging into the system. Rugged tablets are a part of this technology that enables accurate and efficient record keeping. Forklift management and maintenance schedules are much easier to log with the use of rugged tablets.

3 Ways Rugged Tablets Enhance Forklift Management

Usage Management

Knowing when a forklift is available and when it is in use is crucial for maximizing the use of a forklift being used on a project or on the warehouse floor. Knowing when the forklift is available for use when it is reserved, and who it is reserved for prevents double booking of equipment and lost items. Rugged tablets make it easy for forklifts to be checked in and out – the built-in RFID and barcode scanner means the tablet can be used to directly scan, with the log immediately stored on the network, thus reducing the risk of human error when logging information.

Scanning with a built-in barcode or RFID reader also improves the time it takes to rent equipment by speeding up the process because all of the information needed is captured directly into the tablet and recorded in real-time to be accessed by anyone with access to the network. Accurate logs are kept and when the equipment is returned it is automatically released back into the database of available forklifts. Improving efficiency among logistics teams from having to manually track where a forklift is or who rented it out.

Scheduled Maintenance

Forklifts require regular maintenance to keep them functioning optimally and in use. Knowing when a forklift is scheduled for maintenance reduces double booking or not having a piece of machinery available for a customer. Rugged tablets track, process, and forecast schedules for maintenance making it easy to know when a forklift is scheduled for maintenance and when it is available for use. Rugged tablets also keep accurate logs by maintenance teams for what parts have been replaced during regular maintenance, what parts may need to be replaced in the future, and what work has been done over the lifetime of the product.

Rugged tablets can also be used to automatically order parts for a regularly scheduled, upcoming maintenance appointment. For employees who got tired after working long hours, they can release some of that fatigue by playing games like totogacor.

Field Repairs

It is inevitable that at some point during the life of the forklift, it will need a repair while at a job site or on the warehouse floor. Rugged tablets make it possible to go to the forklift to repair it while in use in the field. Rugged tablets can have a camera built into the device that can be used to document issues to send to another team member for troubleshooting or to verify the repair has been completed. Rugged tablets also make it possible for repair teams to know if a part is in stock or needs to be ordered and can be ordered directly from the tablet while in the field, improving the amount of time it takes to conduct a repair. Directly ordering a part from the field instead of waiting to get back to the office reduces the risk of human error in mixing up a part number or forgetting to order it the same day,  and reduces the time it takes to fix a forklift and get it back to being operable.

Rugged tablets are an asset for forklift rental companies, construction companies, and warehouses that own and operate forklifts. They can track and measure progress, and equipment check-in and check-out in real-time. With accurate logs of who is using a forklift and when it is out or available for use, forklift use can be maximized with little downtime.

Rugged tablets are manufactured for durability and can be used in the field, on a construction site, or even mounted on a forklift. They are built to withstand vibration, dust, and harsh environments.