Digital Twins for Construction and Architecture: Projects Simplified

Digital twin technology has been rapidly making a name for itself among various sectors for the last couple of years. Typically when digital twin technology is discussed it is referred to for 3D renderings of projects so that project teams can go in easily and update the 3D rendering when changes are made to the project.

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The Role of Digital Twin in Healthcare Asset Management

The use of the digital twin for asset management is currently gaining a lot of attention and interest in a variety of industries, including healthcare. In asset management, the digital twin brings together many assets and their associated data in one location, allowing for increased operational efficiency. Asset information that is centralized and visually displayed provides for easy data use and ensures that data is always available to all important stakeholders who need access to the specific asset or assets being tracked and used.

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Digital Twins: The Future of Healthcare

The virtual depiction of a real thing or system throughout its life cycle is known as a Digital Twin. Digital Twins enable learning, reasoning, and dynamically recalibrating for better decision-making by utilizing real-time data and other sources. In a nutshell, they are complicated computer models that are perfect replicas, or twins, of physical objects in a digitized version that can be edited, changed, and updated in real-time. These ‘objects’ could be a building, a tunnel, a bridge, or a person.

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