3 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Supply Chains

Supply chain management has a lot of moving parts that need to be synchronistically aligned in order for products to get out the door. Every small thing that comes up could affect the success of the chain. From shipments being oversized or too heavy to forecasted delivery dates based on real-time information, the attention is in the detail. 

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Digitization Improves Logistics for the Military

Military logistics is a mission-critical part of operations, and with global supply chains becoming strained, improved planning, execution and contingency become a high priority for all government defense agencies around the world.

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5 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Warehouse Logistics

In March of 2020 warehousing logistics and manufacturing was forever changed. As the world began to shut down, online purchases went up. Business as usual began to change and shift to accommodate new measures and new ways of doing business. Shipping logistics began to become overwhelmed as millions of people across the world looked to items being delivered rather than picked up in stores, and with storefronts closed, warehousing logistics had to accommodate overload because products werent being moved the way they always had.

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Minimizing Freight Costs with Dimensioning through Rugged Tablets

The dimensions of a package can make all the difference in shipping costs. Most shipping carriers require exact dimensions to ship a package and if those dimensions arent met, they can reserve the right to charge more or refuse the shipment. As the holiday season approaches and more online spend is being spent in online shopping this year than any other year, ensuring packages have the right dimensions is crucial for getting shipments out on time. 3D technology uses images to aid them with efficient shipping. Now is the time more than ever to take seriously the amount you may be spending on shipping.

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