Rugged Tablets: New Strategy for Military-Technological Innovation

National defense is fundamental in any country that aims to strengthen security and strategy. In pursuing an accurate strategy, the military faces challenges of readying its forces to address a diverse set of threats while at the same time downsizing and restructuring the forces to respond to the defense needs. 

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DT Research Rugged Tablets Make Mobile Office for Law Enforcement Possible

Rugged tablets are designed for on-the-go workers across multiple industries. Rugged tablets provide the greatest value for ruggedized devices requiring minimal IT support, easy setup, and multiple functionalities making it the perfect tool for field workers such as law enforcement officers, construction project managers, and first responders. For law enforcement agencies, officers have access to timely and vital information on-site allowing individuals to quickly and accurately complete reports or respond to various needs with the reliable rugged tablets.

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Rugged Tablets in Field Hospitals Helps Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained hospitals globally requiring them to become more efficient and reliant on technology. In many cities across the world, field hospitals are being utilized as an overflow to regular hospitals that have limited capacity given the number of patients currently in care. Field hospitals do not have access to the same kind of technology that hospitals do and therefore need an innovative tech to aid patient care. Telemedicine is also on the rise, thus requiring changes in how doctors see and treat patients.

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3 Focus Areas of Rugged Tablets for Public Safety Officials

It is the duty and responsibility of public safety workers to protect and aid the wellbeing of the community. This industry includes medical and health professionals, law enforcement officers, emergency management directors, paramedics, and medical technicians, who have taken an oath and carry the duty to protect and serve their neighborhoods. Their roles and responsibilities range between a variety of daily activities to ensure their community is safe, to protect citizens, ensure peace, and provide a sense of security to their neighborhoods. 

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Paperless Savings in Construction Settings

Every building or roadway that is constructed runs on both the hard work of crew during the development of the roadway and on integrated data covering each part of a project. However, each development project of buildings and structures also produces endless amounts of paperwork and drawn out plans on paper, serving as a record to every aspect of the project.

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