Customer Centric Feedback is the DT Research Difference

At DT Research we believe in going beyond the duties of manufacturing a great product, working to meet the standards and requirements of the industry. We believe meeting the standards of our customers are equally as important.

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Rugged Tablets Take Logistics to the Next Level

The number of online orders has already increased steadily over the last ten years. Over the last two years, the strains made on the supply chain have also provided a completely new perspective for ordering products online rather than going to the store. Even individuals who would have ordinarily done their shopping the traditional way were suddenly dependent on the realm of online shopping due to lockdowns and communication restrictions. Thus, companies learned to adapt to the changing times in order to survive—the pandemic and customer demand.

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Rugged Tablets Improve Asset Tracking Capabilities for the Military

Ensuring all assets are accounted for on a military base is a crucial component of military logistics, one slight delay or running out of inventory can cause significant issues while in the field. Logistics teams need to accurately assess, manage, and forecast for inventory reorders. 

There are many moving parts to manage including vehicle maintenance and repairs, supplies, and food, tools, and equipment to name a few. One of the most important parts of inventory management is accuracy; outdated techniques for managing inventory increase the risk of human error, lost items, or damaged papers during transport. 

Technology today can be used to simplify this process and ensure accuracy with inventory management, data storage, and record keeping. Rugged tablets assist logistics teams in the following ways and are a more effective and efficient way to track inventory and other logistics efforts. 

Four Ways Rugged Tablets Improve Asset Tracking for the Military

Reducing Time

One of the main benefits of using rugged tablets for asset tracking is that it reduces the time invested in logging data. Rugged tablets automatically track inventory items within the system as one is logged out or logged in, the system is updated to show where that piece of inventory is, who the last person was to interact with it, and when a specific item is running low with a forecast of when it will run out. Automatic orders can also be placed when an item is running below a specific number. Thus reducing the number of man-hours that needs to go into tracking assets.

Increasing Speed

Rugged tablets are equipped with integrated tools such as RFID readers and barcode scanners which improves the speed at which items can be scanned into or scanned out of the system. With long-range RFID, items can also be scanned in bulk and from the ground when they are on a top shelf of a warehouse, improving the speed of logging inventory and reducing the labor needed from the team. This increases the efficiency of the team while freeing up time to dedicate team members to other responsibilities. 

Matching RFID to Business Process

RFID tags and scans can be matched to business processes enabling visibility on assets, identifying trends, and reducing inventory time by 99.9% in many cases. Using specifically tested RFID tags to tag each piece of inventory ensures that assets are tracked all throughout the process from leaving the warehouse, to shipping, to arriving on the base and being assigned for a specific need. The entire process is supported through automatic measures to ensure up-to-date inventory records. 

Improve Production Cycle Tracking & Yard Management

Tracking the production cycle of assets is another key element to efficient asset and inventory management, gaining visibility on the entire process from raw materials to completed product. Rugged tablets allow for multiple teams and departments to have eyes on the products throughout the entire process to ensure optimal delivery, track delays during shipping, and also reducing lost items. Furthermore, rugged tablets efficiently track vehicles, personnel, and shipments for improved yard management logistics. 

Rugged tablets are a crucial piece of technology for the military to assist with inventory management and asset tracking. Improving the process to ensure accuracy, improve speed, and increasing efficiency through matching RFID tags to specific business processes.  

Building for Success with Rugged Tablets

With the ability to remotely modify spreadsheets, handle various projects, monitor inventories, and maintain smooth communication, smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our life. However, the majority of cell phones and tablets are not made to withstand harsh conditions like those on a construction site, with fluctuating weather, a lot of dust, or repeated drops.

Rugged tablets for construction sites were created as a result in order to have unique characteristics, particular strength, and resistance to moisture and environmental factors.

Four reasons rugged tablets for construction are the best solution:

Eliminate Paperwork at Construction Sites

There are several records and drawings that must be created and periodically updated in the building sector. Carrying physical papers, such as blueprints for structures, labor records, or materials, can be exhausting and vulnerable to theft or damage. 

Construction managers and supervisors can digitize all of these documents and drawings using rugged tablets, which improves labor productivity and reducing the probability of losing paperwork or making mistakes that require a total redo of the drawings, rather than making them in real time. Even when working on remote construction sites, the system included in rugged tablets may be accessible by many different departments and team members. This connectivity enables real-time data sharing and access between departments, accelerating the decision-making process.

Durable and Efficient in Extreme Environments

Workers at a building site frequently move from one location to another. As a result, they need technology that is portable and reliable. Lightweight and digitalized rugged tablets can fully automate the building work process.

Everything is digitalized and safely stored on the network, so construction workers who use rugged tablets don’t have to worry about losing their designs and other paperwork documents. Whether carried around a work site, mounted in a vehicle or equipment, or on the office desk, rugged tablets perform in many places and conditions inside and outside.


Constant communication between many teams is crucial in large infrastructure projects, it guarantees correct coordination and command flow. To provide seamless push-to-talk services, rugged tablets are created with sophisticated communication functions.

To ensure effective communication that enhances employees’ morale and increases productivity, many of the rugged tablet models are also built with dedicated PTT buttons that offer a walkie-talkie feature. Rugged tablets are also built with integrated WiFi features for continual connectivity. Inventory can be constantly tracked and orders automatically placed to prevent downtime.


Rugged tablets are a more affordable alternative to desktop computers and the durable case and components are designed to withstand rough handling and all of the environmental conditions that may be encountered in the field. As each task and part of the project is completed and documented, billing can send out invoices and get paid faster enabling better cash flow for required purchases.

DT Research rugged tablets feature high-resolution, sunlight-readable screens and high-definition cameras, that can also be custom-equipped with all the peripherals and software that your team needs for every phase of construction. The investment in rugged tablets provides long-term cost savings in both equipment and maintenance and repair costs. 

From the construction site trailer to where the foundation is being dug, construction rugged laptop computers and tablets came to be mounted directly onto heavy equipment or carried by field personnel, rugged tablets make instant cost-saving decisions.

Construction businesses operate with narrow profit margins and limited room for mistakes or waste. Rugged, sunlight-readable tablet computers can be used to make cost-saving judgments, increase building site efficiency, and transfer information quickly in real time. The rugged tablets and laptops from DT Research are made to make jobsite multitasking simple and effective, even under the most difficult circumstances.  

The Rise of Telemedicine and Tech-Inspired Care

Most recently, the pandemic has brought on many new policies and procedure changes for the healthcare industry to cope with the overwhelm on medical facilities. In the previous year alone, healthcare has altered more than in any other period in modern history due to the issues that have needed to be overcome. To accommodate and protect patients and providers alike, the healthcare industry was forced to rapidly adapt and evolve, resulting in stark changes that will influence the field for years to come.

The recent progress witnessed in healthcare suggests a continued trend of development and experimentation geared especially toward distributed and digitally-enabled care, both of which ultimately focuses on the well-being of patients through the reduction of cost and time.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

 What the world has witnessed over the last two years in healthcare indicates the field’s capacity for change and evolution in search of efficient, effective, and optimum care.

Prior to the epidemic, telemedicine was already an often talked about option for patient treatment, but its full potential had not been tapped into. When social distancing became the norm, telemedicine quickly became a necessity, and its role during the pandemic was essential to promoting health and safety. As restrictions are lifted, it seems the telemedicine trend will persist thanks to the improvements in accessibility, connection, and care efficacy.

Quality, specialized healthcare is now easier to access, independent of a patient’s location, mobility, or access to transportation, thanks to telemedicine, particularly the practices of app-based healthcare, wearable electronics, and remote consultations.

Medical rugged tablets, medical tablet computers, and cart computers have proven to become essential in the healthcare sector. They play a significant position in telemedicine, which is the remote provision of medical services to patients.

Digital Healthcare

The integration of digital healthcare has also facilitated stronger, more cohesive connections between patients and their providers. From the use of wearable technology that monitors and transmits vital signs to rapid turnarounds for virtual appointment requests, digital healthcare is becoming more intuitive.

At large, healthcare has benefited enormously from the incorporation of technology during the pandemic, and this development is especially true regarding the identification and treatment of illnesses through the use of AI and robotics. Outfitting wearable tech or connected databases with AI helps medical professionals and patients limit the development of preventable conditions, while also detecting the onset of illness sooner through data analysis. 

Modern medicine is increasingly focusing on prevention and early detection, and with the help of wearables and artificial intelligence (AI), healthcare professionals can better meet these objectives and treat patients before their conditions deteriorate.

One of the biggest conclusions for the healthcare sector from the pandemic is simple: community health depends on teamwork, innovation, and expansion. The healthcare sector must change as new technologies emerge; outdated technology must be discarded in favor of more advanced, modern technology. 

Medical tablets are part of that innovation supporting the healthcare industry with their 24/7 power and mobility, to treat patients in a room or on the go. Medical tablets can be used in a medical facility or in a makeshift drive-through facility with ease because they can be put on wheeled carts and rolled or carried by healthcare professionals. Medical tablets are also resistant to pathogens and bacteria with their antimicrobial casings, they are built for tough environments to endure drops, spills, and even vibrations. 

Medical tablets are reliable, flexible, and their features are intuitive to use for healthcare professionals. These positive changes have a large impact on everyone involved. Patients are benefitting and so are medical teams.