High Accuracy GNSS Rugged Tablets are Ideal for State DOT and More

GNSS Rugged Tablets are proving to be ideal for transportation construction projects as well as biology, geology, roadway and wetland projects on a state level. In Oregon, this has been increasingly true as DT Research tablets have been rolled out to offices across the state. DT Research worked closely with ODOT to design purpose-built GNSS positioning tablets that provide using GPS locating and 3D modeling technologies. Now, these tablets which meet rigorous requirements for in-the-field state-employed workers, are used daily to complete their tasks and achieve accurate geospatial measurements 

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Rugged Tablets for Public Safety and Forensics

Rugged tablets are assisting with the swift and safe management of crash scene investigations, allowing law enforcement and first responders on scene to accurately map and record the site before rapidly clearing to restore normal traffic flow.

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Purpose-Built Rugged Tablets for Accurate Real Time Measurements

The latest from the DT Research line of purpose built tablets is the DT301X-TR Rugged Tablet, a lightweight military-grade tablet designed to enhance the precision of measurements for 3D surveying, underground utilities mapping, bridge and construction inspections, and crime/crash scene reconstruction. 

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Advantages of Rugged Tablets for City-Wide Utilities

As we move into an era where both communities and cities are embracing the Iot system, public resources is one of the key areas where the focus should be to ensure efficiency.  Every expert that works within this sector should understand where and how endpoints around different communities in the city can be accessed. 

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Purpose Built Devices Enable Efficient Engineering

Engineering, architectural, and construction fields can benefit from rugged tablets with 3D cameras, scanners, and CAD software to enhance accuracy at every stage of a build. With purpose-built tech, engineers and general contractors are better able to communicate during a build to ensure every stage is safely and effectively finished according to spec, and any change orders can be communicated between all members of the team to check for compatibility in real-time.

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