3 Focus Areas of Rugged Tablets for Public Safety Officials

It is the duty and responsibility of public safety workers to protect and aid the wellbeing of the community. This industry includes medical and health professionals, law enforcement officers, emergency management directors, paramedics, and medical technicians, who have taken an oath and carry the duty to protect and serve their neighborhoods. Their roles and responsibilities range between a variety of daily activities to ensure their community is safe, to protect citizens, ensure peace, and provide a sense of security to their neighborhoods. 

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Rugged Tablet Security Features

Security on devices used by government officials, military and private companies who work with branches within the government is a top priority. Security is a topic that continues to expand in conversations globally as threats to systems, processes and procedures remain at risk. As a manufacturer of rugged tablets for both government and military branches, we pride ourselves on added security built into our rugged tablets to protect the information within the network as well as additional security measures within secure buildings so users are authenticated prior to entering a facility.

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Firefighters Improve Safety and Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

A growing number of first responders and firefighters are utilizing rugged tablets in the field for increased safety and efficiency in the job.

With a tablet that can withstand extreme conditions, firefighters and first responders can unquestionably take it to the scene without the worry of how it will hold up. Ruggedized tablets can withstand extremely hot or extremely cold conditions and are built tough enough to not break if dropped.

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The Smart Way to Build Smart Cities: Rugged Tablet BIM Technology

Theres no denying that the common thread of all smart cities around the globe is highly-advanced technology, specifically information and communication technologies (ICT) that collect copious amounts of data on all functions and operations within the city.

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Problems Rugged Tablets Solve for Law Enforcement and First Responders

Law enforcement and first responders have long relied on technology to support them in the field and help them perform their duties to the highest caliber possible. However, never before has a compound piece of technology such as DT Researchs rugged tablets impacted law enforcement and first responders agility, efficiency, and responsiveness so significantly. 

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