The Solution is Purpose-Built, Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets aid the workforce of many industries. There are endless reasons companies are investing in rugged tablets, however, it is important to note that not all tablets are created equal. Identifying the needs of your organization and matching those needs with features on a tablet, ensures you make the right investment for your teams needs. Some companies try to place consumer-grade tablets into their work environment only to find they break easily, maintenance costs are high and they are not built for durability. Whereas, rugged tablets are mobile, durable, and lightweight enough to carry on the job and use in the office.

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Rugged Tablets for Country Clubs and Golf Courses

With the popularity and portability of tablets and other handheld devices, many organizations are starting to consider how to utilize this slate-style tool in business environments to upgrade their competitiveness, and one such business is golf clubs.

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Three Ways Rugged Tablets are Transforming the Cruise Industry

The cruise industry has a record number of new ships launching in the next few years, each one attempting to top the competition with innovation in technology and on-board experiences. The development of versatile devices and rugged tablets built for cruise ships have opened entryways of flexibility and adaptability in the tourism industry.

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The Tech for Retail and Restaurants to Handle the Holidays

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for the retail and restaurant industry, and nothing makes it more stressful for owners, managers, and workers than insufficient tech that hinders more than helps them. To alleviate some of that stress, sites like have the right products for that purpose.

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Improve Customer Experiences with Rugged Tech

As the Holiday season approaches, businesses get busy. More customers are out and about shopping, eating, and enjoying the season. Its the perfect time of year for longer lines, extended customer wait times and entertainment with family. As businesses prepare for the season at hand, its important they have tough technology to match the demand.

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